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How did you discover intermittent fasting?

Poll ended at 03 Oct 2014, 16:45

Saw "Eat, Fast & Live Longer" on TV
Saw another documentary on TV
Saw it on the news or another TV spot
Saw the book advertised or in a shop
Read about it on another website
Read about it in a newspaper or magazine
A friend, co-worker or family member told me
Other (please tell us)
Total votes : 123

I was on Facebook and asking peoples opinions on Gastric band surgery which I was seriously contemplating, when a friend said had I tried the 5:2 diet with a link to MM's programme. I was hooked and started the next day. I found this forum about 2 months later.
I stumbled across the Leangains site when I was researching paleo and it came up. At that time, I found his way of IF too hard and it was not until 6 months later that I saw MM on the telly. It took me another 6 months before I got started with 5:2.
I heard Matt, the sports guy on radio 2 (Simon mayo/ Steve Wright) taking about his non eat days as it was foodie Thursday (very bad choice of a fast day imo), after that Jeremy vine did a talk show about it. I bought the book straight away but my head wasn't in the right place as I thought it would be too hard. Finally started about a month ago
Marybeth wrote: In March of 2013 I read an article in the NY Times and thought that it sounded very promising--I didn't do anything, though, until a friend, a few weeks later, loaned me the book for the weekend. I started 5:2 on Monday and haven't looked back. Then I found this wonderful forum.

Thanks to Moogie, Carorees, all the other moderators, and to all the kind, helpful people here. :heart:

I read that same article, ordered the book, and started almost immediately. Ditto the thanks to everyone who makes this amazing forum possible!
I discovered it though an acquaintance. I noticed how good she looked and when she told me about the diet and how she lost 17lbs, I started googling like crazy to get the information. I am thrilled to say that I have lost 16lbs (Feb-Aug 2014) and am now on maintenance. Maintenance means just one fast a week and my normal eating has changed over time. I love the 5:2 Fast Diet!
I had heard about IF and had even tried JUDDD for a week, after reading about it on the Low Carb Friends BBS several years ago. But I found that alternate day fasting schedule and the 350 calorie a day allowed for my weight far too rigorous. So I gave it up after about a week. Since I wasn't impressed with the quality of the research being cited to support IF as a diet strategy, after thatI didn't give it any more thought.

But I have a very dear friend I've known for decades, who had never been able to stick to any diet for more than a few weeks. Last year she mentioned she had started 5:2. I didn't pay it much attention until several months later she mentioned that she was STILL on 5:2 and losing weight at a reasonable rate. This was a first and it caught my attention.

I figured whatever the validity of the scientific claims made for it, the 5:2 diet seemed to be doable by people who hated dieting, which was something new. So I read the Fast Diet book, and decided to give it a try for a few weeks to see if I could get rid of some of the weight that had piled on last year when I had been forced to make some changes to my meds that made me gain weight.

Seven very happy food filled months later, I'm still on it too, as is my friend who has lost something like 25 lbs. I'll be seeing her in a few weeks, at a conference, where we will be enjoying delicious meals together completely guilt-free for once.
Good morning

I selected Other and this is why.

I came across this when I was trawling the web looking for inspiration and a way to fight the weight I gained since giving up smoking. I had tried several fixes over the years but was looking for something more sustainable. I was searching health website etc just trying to find a solution when I came across fasting. It was something I had never heard of before (except for lent) and I thought this was different something I might be able to stick to. The more I looked into it the more it appealed. :like:
I have to add an addendum. I HAD to lose weight for spinal surgery to my neck that if not done would have left me paralysed from the shoulders down.

Having tried and failed miserably on a conventional diet I was looking at gastric band surgery. Now why is it that they will do gastric band surgery on overweight people but won't do other surgery that would stop someone becoming paralysed?
:geek: I Discovered 5:2 Thanks to my Dr... She Recommended it because i had a liver issue which slowed my metabolism to snails pace... she said it'd give it a kick start... WHICH IT HAS!! 24lb down and still going :) x
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