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How do you count your calories for a fast day?

Poll ended at 28 Nov 2014, 17:45

I weigh and measure my foods accurately
I eat packaged food with counted calories
I eat out where the calories are listed
No votes
I know roughly what is in my usual fast day meals already
I've learned enough to judge meals as I make them
I trust the recipe's stated calories
I don't eat on a fast day, or eat so little I'm always within the allowance
Total votes : 140

:wink: Today is my fast day and I don't bother about counting calories on these days or other days. In my opinion doing such a thing is for those obsessive people, surely the fact that when you semi starve two days a week, you can then feast on the other days, remembering this, you do not need to calorie count! On my semi starving days, I just eat a regular evening meal with an apple for pud.
I hit my one year fastoversary on November 21. I'm down 30#, many overall inches, have much better blood sugar, blood pressure, triglycerides & energy.
I am also a much more relaxed eater, as I am moving toward one meal a day with two low calorie days as I still have a lot to lose.
I have the most success when I weigh & measure & I'm on a 185 day streak on my fitness pal. There are a lot of high quality prepared meals available & I batch cook in premeasured portions & freeze. All the things others have mentioned. Oh, & nothing is off limits as long as it fits in my calorie level for the day.
Interesting threads, these polls, keep 'em coming :)
I answered that I know roughly what is in my usual fast day meals already and that I know enough to estimate cals, but in all honesty what I am doing at the moment is more like what Bracken does. I am maintaining and only have one meal on fast days and don't really think about cals. I might have one of the meals which I had when I was wanting to lose weight so I know they are under 500 cals, or it could be anything else depending on what I fancy, I do try and choose something reasonable though as on the other 6 days of the week I eat really what I want and not necessarily within a certain window. When I was wanting to lose weight I counted cals roughly, I have never weighed or obsessed, it's always been approximate.
Like a couple of others I use software/Myfitnesspal to do it for me so none of those options stated. :frown:
I allocate 200 calories for the skimmed milk in my coffee during the day, eat nothing until evening when I measure everything, and keep under 400 calories. I'm unsure how many calories I have in the coffees (I usually get a couple take away), but hopefully 200 would cover this.
I count my cals all the time so no different on a fast day. I have to when I don't I go over.
When I first started I counted everything on fast days but knew I wanted to make it more instinctive as otherwise I would get obsessed like when I was doing weight watchers - never been so good at maths as when trying to tweak my points to have something extra! This time round I have lost much more slowly and part of the reason has to be that I am not counting. I jot it down roughly (and my, doesn't it add up quickly, even just a cheese triangle & a couple if crackers and that's half your cals gone!) but don't stress too much about it.

I think people's approach will be very closely linked with personality traits - those that are very analytical and reason-based will probably track everything, those (like me) that are more laissez-faire and intuitive will probably not. Whatever keeps you going!
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