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Which foods do you eat most of on your fast days?

Fruits / berries
Starchy vegetables
Whole grains
Refined grains (eg white rice, pasta)
Liquids only!
Total votes : 322

In a bid to learn a bit more about our community's fasting habits, motivations and other interesting foodie/fasting stuff we're going to be running a poll each week and would appreciate it if you could take a moment to cast your vote on the matter!

For this week's poll, we are asking:

Which foods do you eat most of on your fast days?

Feel free to reply to explain your answer further, or if none of the answers are close enough for you.

Over to you!
I mostly eat fresh air on a fast day :frown:

Ballerina xx :heart:
A FD staple is Fage/Total's Fat-Free Greek Yoghurt with various flavours added (the flavour drops and compounds I mentioned in the Christmas gift post). 100g of deliciousness for <60calories.

In the Winter, I eat artichokes as a FD vegetable bake with reconstituted tomatoes and red peppers/capscicums (or whatever I dried over the Summer). During the Summer, it's mostly fresh cherry tomatoes that dominates DDs.

Fish usually makes an appearance - either in the form of a serving of fish muffins or white fish in a broth/stew.

Eggs appear in the fish muffins or some days, if we're not having stew/bake/soup in the evening, I'll make an omelette using one whole egg and the remainder is egg whites (yolks used to make mayonnaise or saved for something else). DH likes poached eggs for breakfast on FDs.
Difficult for me as I'm a vegetarian and most of my protein comes from nuts, seeds and beans which aren't on the list so I just voted for vegetables.
Eggs eggs and more eggs. Scrambled with smoked salmon. Or cheese. Or herbs or veg. Find that recipes have got more simple as time has gone on. Protein rools ok, and deals with any hunger pangs PDQ.
Liquids only.
I take a coffee with a dash of milk for breakfast
black coffee and water the rest of the day (no more than 3 coffee though)
750ml to 1l soup for dinner, home made with proteins like lentils that I would put in the soup and mix in

In fact, I don't like to eat solid food at all when I fast, as soon as I eat solid food the hunger comes and becomes a monster so liquids only :wink:

Also I fast the same way since nearly the beginning, as soon as I did it this way I knew it was made for me and never looked back :grin:
For a long time now my OH & I have been having M&S Fuller Longer meals for our supper on fast days. They are all below 500 calories & are meat/fish & vegetables with a small amount of carbs. Throughout the day we drink water, coffee & may have a cup of consommé for lunch, so just liquids until supper. It keeps me out of the kitchen & therefore not thinking about food prep & they are fast to cook. We follow this meal with fresh fruit, usually an apple for me but often a banana with a little organic yoghurt for my OH.
I found this a bit difficult to answer, as I generally have a low calorie ready meal for my tea and a big milky coffee later in the evening. I may also have a Bovril late afternoon, if I feel the need for it. So I chose meat, starchy vegetables and dairy, although depending on the ready meal it may also include vegetables.
I mix it up a lot, but I start every day, fast and non-fast with a soft boiled egg. Next up, chicken and vegetables stir fry. I also like raw veggies for a snack: cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots etc.

P. S. Even though I live in Japan I try not to eat too much fish. I'm worried about mercury and over-fishing. I make an exception for two abundant fish types: sanma (saury) and saba (a type of mackerel)
I usually have one meal on a fast day at dinner, and I generally have a large salad with lots of fresh vegetables on it with very low calorie dressing - like Trader Joes gorgonzola pear dressing, only 45 calories per 2 tablespoons- and some type of protein. Fish or chicken or some kind of broiled meat. I finish it up with a piece of fruit. I'll have a veggie broth during the day if I need it, and lots of coffee and water. When I'm in need of something more "comfort-y" I'll have a Lean Cuisine (Stouffer's) with the salad and skip the fruit. Unfortunately, I can't eat eggs anymore. For the last several years, they make me very ill (TMI!) rapid transit, etc. so I had to cut them out and that's one thing that would have been a great tool. I miss them...
I just logged on and did my weekly survery. Was amazed when I went to the graph and saw that I eat, according to the poll, the most popular 3 items. I mix it up at times with the other options but mainly those three on a regular basis. Egg for breakfast.
I also found this very difficult to answer as I just have less carbs, alcohol, sugar.

Typical fast day would be cuppa soup or oxo. Same meal as family but without the carbs. Or cabbage instead of noodles in stir fry.
Don't even feel the need for saving cals for a treat in the eve anymore.
Soup was the category that I wish was on your survey. I make a vegetable soup every fast day before I have anything else. The ingredients change but the function is to dampen hunger, and it works very well.
On a monday it varies as DH will eat with me so sometimes it's chicken and sometimes gnocchi. On a thursday it's always eggs as DH has a roast at work so I only cook for myself.
Fat (bulletproof coffee) or
Vegetables (with fat) or
Steak with veg
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