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Maintaining April 2016
10 Apr 2016, 16:12
Hello, fellow maintainers! It's been a couple of weeks since I was here and, unfortunately, the Easter holidays and family visitors have played havoc with my weight! :cry:
In March I was already questioning whether my new target of 140 pounds was too low, but now I am a couple of pounds over my old, 147 pound, target! :shock:
However, my visitors left yesterday and today I am fasting so I am hoping that those surplus pounds will soon be gone! I plan to also fast on Tuesday and Friday this week, just to get myself off to a good start, and intend to visit the forum every day as this seems to have a huge impact on my ability to stay connected to this WOE.
Hopefully, I will soon be a proper maintainer again and not feel quite such an interloper! :frown:
Re: Maintaining April 2016
10 Apr 2016, 17:16
I'm still trying to lose the weight I put on during my holiday last month. I'm really struggling with being good on my non fast days, at the moment. I'm hoping that the usual three fasts a week I do, will at least keep me partly on the straight and narrow.

Although I'm well below my target weight, I prefer to stay under 147 pounds as a general rule and aim to be nearer 142 just before a holiday, so that I can put some back on without causing too much damage. I've got about 8 weeks before the next holiday, so time to shed those last few pounds again - if I can rein it in on my non fast days!
Re: Maintaining April 2016
11 Apr 2016, 09:14
I am glad the maintaining for April page is up. I have similar issues to Stowgate resident. I lost several kilos at the Lenten fasting, but I have now put on more than 2 kilos, as I've been enjoying eating again. However, my weight is still under the 23 BMI :smile: .
So I am not too worried. Just like to be somewhat lighter now. Just as Stowgate Resident, I have decided to fast on Tuesdays and Fridays as well. See what happens. At lest the chocolate eggs and the Simnel Cake have finished!!! So there is hope :smile: .
Re: Maintaining April 2016
15 Apr 2016, 02:53
Hey fellow maintainers (and others who visit the thread!)

I almost feel guilty about posting when others haven't had as easy a time of it. I think a lack of chocolate eggs over Easter and a busy school holidays has meant that, even with over two weeks without a fast day, my weight has hovered around it's low point. I've even found myself slipping below the 70kg line! :shock: So anyway, still maintaining relatively easily, and even thinking that I should be enjoying a snack or two more than I already am :oops:
Re: Maintaining April 2016
15 Apr 2016, 07:19
The usual stuff for me as well: did one fast on both weeks of the month and results are showing, moving away from the top of my range. Speed-skating season has stopped so back to occaisional running and cycling if the weather is improving at least...
Re: Maintaining April 2016
15 Apr 2016, 15:12
Well, I did my Tuesday fast, actually I did it on Wednesday - but that doesn't matter, but then a need for antibiotics (to be taken with food) has put a stop to my style of fasting (nothing all day). However, in five days I have gone down from 149.8 pounds :shock: to 143.5 pounds (see below - details from my Aria scales linked to my Fitbit account) by simply cutting down the amount of high calorie food that I eat. This just shows how much 'water weight' I must have been carrying from all the high carb foods I was eating. I am not a low-carb eater normally - I didn't start this WOL to give up any food - and I have been eating bread potatoes chocolate etc this week, just in much smaller amounts than I had got into the habit of eating.

So, fellow maintainers, if you have a few pounds to lose, maybe look at the amount/type of food you're eating and cut back a little. It is easy for amounts to increase over time, if you take your eye off the scales, and for more 'treats' than are wise to be consumed! Anyway - I'm feeling much happier about my weight, even though I know that the last three and a half pounds of fat will take 'proper' fasting but at least I feel that my 140 pound target is back within reach! Hurrah!

Today at 9:13 Measurement10 st 3.5 lbs 37.6% fat
Thursday 14 Apr at 8:25Delete Measurement10 st 4.1 lbs 37.0% fat
Wednesday 13 Apr at 8:36Delete Measurement10 st 4.8 lbs 37.6% fat
Tuesday 12 Apr at 6:58Delete Measurement10 st 6.2 lbs 37.6% fat
Monday 11 Apr at 7:42Delete Measurement10 st 7.8 lbs 38.1% fat
Sunday 10 Apr at 8:50Delete Measurement10 st 9.8 lbs 38.3% fat
Re: Maintaining April 2016
16 Apr 2016, 10:45
My 5:2 has not worked so far... :frown:
The first Friday I fasted I felt absolutely awful and I ended up losing a whole kilo!!! The two following fasts I felt really OK, and hardly lost anything!!!! So with the eating in between I've actually gone up in weight since I started :confused:
I have slowly come to the same conclusion as you, StowgateResident, about how much to eat. Today is not a fast day but I had no lunch. I am a short person, and I know that I cannot have 3 meals a day. But previously I had soo enjoyed my small lunches. Which consisted of 3 Finn Crisp rye bread thins with some butter and Marmite. And some weak coffee with milk. Today, though, I only had the coffee. See what'll happen. :razz:
Re: Maintaining April 2016
30 Apr 2016, 13:56
Time for an 'end of the month update': done 6:1 for the entire month, needed to keep within my range. Works fine, but still a bit higher (63.5) than the middle (63), so might need some fasts next month as well. No real changes: fasting still works and is very doable on fast days :cool: It is what it is: a way of life (faster for life!)
Re: Maintaining April 2016
30 Apr 2016, 14:15
I'm where I was at the start of the month. Maybe I'll lose a pound or two next month!!
Re: Maintaining April 2016
07 May 2016, 14:50
Maintenance Month 022

Goal weight 120 lbs, maintenance range 118 - 122 lbs, method 19/5 every day.

Entry weight 126 lbs, exit weight 128 lbs, average 126.4 lbs

Lowest 125 lbs (5 days), highest 130 lbs (1 days)
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