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01 Apr 2017, 10:08
So here we are. Who is still maintaining this month, with or without success? Must be more out there then the handfull reporting in the last months. Even if you feel there is nothing meaningfull to report, it's still nice to hear you are all doing fine (or struggling). Do remember that after becoming a 'faster for life' there is no way back. The good thing about intermittent fasting is the you will be doing this forever. No matter how long it's been since your last fast, technically it is still an intermission once you have done the next one :cool:
03 Apr 2017, 04:16
Hi @P-JK

We can rely on you to start the monthly maintenance threads! Thanks. :smile:

I still consider myself a mainteneer, even though I (expect I) am several kgs higher than my "goal" weight, based on how clothes fit (I have commented on this in the past, as I am sure you remember, as well as the fact that I no longer weigh myself). In particular, at the moment I have put on more weight than I feel comfortable with (I had been accepting of being a bit above goal, but not as much as I am now). This additional weight is due to poor eating habits of late - I don't think it is because my body wants to be this weight.

In the 3 years since I first reached goal, I have had other times where I have put on more weight than was comfortable, and have managed to lose most of it each time. But I always worry that maybe "this time" that won't happen. Especially since, as time passes, I struggle more with sticking to a standard fast day.

I don't think I have anything new to add re my maintenance challenges...! Unfortunately I am not gaining any more insight into why I overeat when I am not hungry, when I know I will regret eating but still put the food in my mouth, even though I get no pleasure from doing so. (Some sort of learned bad behaviour that food is supposed to be a comfort - even when it is not??) Luckily, when life is in its normal pattern (which is most of the time) this does not happen too often, but any sort of additional stress or change to routine can often upset this.

I am always interested to hear about the challenges people face, and the strategies that do and don't work for them. (I do appreciate that many mainteneers have shared this info already.)

NB: To me, you are a role model for the 5:2 IF approach to managing a heathy weight! :smile: :smile:
03 Apr 2017, 07:01
Ditto :grin:
30 Apr 2017, 09:14
Time to take stock. How did you do? I kept within range without too much fasting (couple of semi-fast days: normal fasting routine until dinner, but dinner as on a normal day). But weight seems to be creeping up slooowly.
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