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Maintaining January 2017
17 Jan 2017, 21:07
Hello fellow mainteneers, how did you start the new year? For me the start has been excellent. Back from holiday in New Zealand and a couple of days in Sydney. No fasting in six weeks and no gain after X-mas and holiday :cool: :grin: Spot on at 63 kg, same as when leaving. So what is the secret? Did some walking and spend a lot of time enjoying the country. Somehow this seemed to have replaced any need to take food as a way of having a really good time :?: :geek: Anyone else have this experience?
Re: Maintaining January 2017
18 Jan 2017, 07:12
Hi @P-JK, sounds like you had a fab time in NZ - not that I would expect anything less!

You were very fortunate with your holiday eating. I have the very opposite experience. My problem is that generally on holiday I am unable to access the same quantity of vegetables that I am used to eating. Unless I can fill myself with veg, I find it too easy to overeat. Eating fats does not help - and anyway, if I can't find veg, I can't find good fat either. Not so bad on self-catering holidays, but I still tend to have more sugary carbs than I need.

But on the maintenance theme, overall I am doing okay. As you may recall, I no longer weigh myself, but based on how clothes fit, I am staying relatively stable, which is the main thing.

As you also may have read, I had been having trouble lately having light days to compensate for the bit of overeating of Christmas goodies I was having every evening, but the weekly challenge appears to have given me the motivation to manage a light day. So that is pleasing.

Hope to hear from our fellow maintainers. :smile: :smile:
Re: Maintaining January 2017
31 Jan 2017, 13:29
Maintenance Month 031

Goal weight 120 lbs, maintenance range 118 - 122 lbs, method OMAD every day.

Entry weight 125 lbs, exit weight 123 lbs, average 124.1 lbs
Lowest 122 lbs (4 days), highest 126 lbs (1 day)

Yippee the slight downward trend continues.

Fast smarter, not longer: Excellent book
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