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This is my first post but I have been doing 5:2 since January, losing 10.5 kilos.

My tip for newbies is to record everything you eat for a while until you get a good understanding of how many calories are in the items you eat. After a while this will become second nature.
I use my phone to track this (MyfitnessPal app). Its very easy and you can scan barcodes too.

IMO, this is not magic, just a technique that works for many that will enable us to eat fewer calories than we burn!. In my case I need to have a weekly calorie deficit of at least 1500 to lose weight.

Starting tomorrow, some great tips here! Thanks x
Question! I am new to the Forum. I have a question regarding eating my TDEE on non-fast days. Do you consume the entire amount or deduct 15-20% for weight loss??? I am a little confused. Thanks and wishing success to all. :)
Whoops! We almost missed your post. Welcome christine417!

TDEE is somewhat useful as a scientific concept but as a pratical matter it's too variable to be of much use beyond being a very rough initial estimate. If you're following the 5:2 requirement of limiting yourself to 500 calories on fast days, what you eat is less important on the non-fast - some call it feast day - meals.

Some express concerns about potentially eating too much on a subsequent feast day but measures show that most only increase their intake by 10-15%, which is still a calorie deficit overall.

Again, welcome to the group!
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