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I've made so many changes in the last 11months the biggest being lowering my carb intake this happened quite naturally by dropping the bread from my lunchtime sandwich and putting everything on a plate thus saving calories and carbs also waking up the mornings after my fasts not hungry so I skipped breakfast to save calories result = 16:8 most days.
I've never counted my carbs now or before but I've definitely halved my intake all quite naturally then I started to reap the rewards health issue wise my oedema has improved so much you wouldn't believe the difference and whereas some would say the weightloss has made this result I now know its carb related deffo because on a recent "refeed" trial I bought all my bad carbs back into my
4 days = result feeling absolutely awful and couldn't get into my new boots Santa had bought me never again!!!
Yes its personal to each of us and we all have our own choices and reasons for our decisions my results are my reasons and this will always be the biggest motivational factor for me this WOL has worked wonders for me and I couldn't be happier.
But sugar is a big problem I just wish I could kick I've tried @TML13 stevia which I use as sweetener for certain dishes but in drinks no way not yet haven't given up on stevia reduced the real stuff slightly but would love to kick out.
@callyanna hope you've managed to put a few pounds on what a dilemma for you, and thanks to you + Debs for you kind words in the scenic tent yes I'm a Big rubber ball never giving up always bouncing back. I realised I'm making some of my changes a little prematurely ie:: the good fats Nuts!! love all varieties but far to many calories for me for now as I'm only halfway through my journey these changes will have to wait. :heart: Sue
I have had some very low carb days, with the result I lost another 2lbs, which I didn't really want to do.
Trouble with me is, I can't just eat a small portion of rice, or one small potato, I'd have to have a decent portion, so I have just cut them out completely.
My pulses provide a fair few carbs and the rest come from veggies. Can't remember the time I last ate cake or chocolate, but then I haven't ever been a cake or choc eater, so I can't say I've cut them out!

I was extolling the virtues of 5 2 to 2 ladies in the hairdresser yesterday and realised just how far I've come I my knowledge of what works for me.
Ballerina wrote: Good morning @Ally as Julianna says, I eat all the same things that I always have just in differing quantities. Not everyone is carb sensitive and @TML13 has always stated that a no/low carb is not for her and it doesn't seem to have the same result for her as for a lot of others so, just eat what you want but in sensible quantities, lost of fresh foods and it sounds like you have made good changes already.

Ballerina x :heart:

Thanks Ballerina xx
TML13 wrote: Hi, Ally!
Indeed low carb/high fat would be a nightmare for me (and my bowels, LOL). I grew up eating meat once a week and pasta/rice/bread every day. I did do a few no-carb/lowfat (Dukan attack) days in order to lose weight when I realised that 5:2 was not working but that was just a few days and that was it.
To be honest, I now eat more carbs and more fat than I used to, LOL!

Regarding artificial sweeteners, I did fall for the "confusing the brain" and similar theories for a while. I tried adding sugar to my coffee and I quit my favourite sweets. The result was that my coffee was disgusting, my stomach was protesting and I was missing my sweets.
What I think now is that sweeteners might cause problems to those who aren't used to them and just start eating them because of a diet. I use sweeteners for more than 20 years so I guess my brain is OK with them and so is probably the brain of those who are used to them as well.
Keep in mind that Greeks use Stevia for eons... Not everything that we eat was present forever yet our bodies get used to newer food, such as sweeteners. :-)

Thank you too TML13 xx [ not sure if or how to double quote here so sorry for the 2 posts ]
Don't worry Ally, not sure I can do it either

Ballerina x :heart:
Penny, what's wrong with full portions of rice or pasta? Assuming that you aren't looking to lose weight anyway...

Ally, you are most welcome, hopefully I was able to help.

Sue, you do know that there is refined (white) Stevia, right? It tastes like aspartame and the lot...
I have severely restricted simple carbohydrates for health reasons and have brought my blood glucose levels into the normal range. On most days I eat a vegan diet, but I will occasionally eat a little butter, fish or cheese or have an egg. I try to only have almond or coconut milk in coffee.

I use olive oil or coconut oil in cooking. I do not eat low fat versions of anything.

I don't habitually count carbs or fats, but now have a low fat, low carbohydrate diet and feel well. What I need to keep an eye on is the protein content of my diet. That can be a problem when trying to eat vegan/low carbohydrate foods most of the time, but it is possible.
TML13 wrote: Penny, what's wrong with full portions of rice or pasta? Assuming that you aren't looking to lose weight anyway...

Nothing wrong in full portions, but I just can't eat them now! I would love to tuck into a seafood paella or a prawn linguine, but know I would suffer later.
My mum told me last week she switched back to butter from Flora. She lost 4 pounds in a week.
Ooh missed this thread last w/e. Always an interesting topic from starting 5:2 to coming to inculcating WOE of lower carbs, good fats. Also shopping the supermarket perimeters eg reduced ready made and making yourself from scratch with fresh fruits and salad and veg. Thereby ditching excess sugars additives etc. Add good quality proteins.

It is rather simple isn't it then you find what works best for your individualism metabolism. What's not to like and our collective results testament to IF and healthy food choices
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