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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone does this and if it's sped things up a bit? I last eat at about seven pm the night before a fast, have some carrots and hummus for lunch on fast day, and a chicken salad and a small banana at seven pm on the fast evening. I've been bumping around the same weight for three weeks now, was wondering if extending fasting until the following lunchtime would help? All thoughts and advice appreciated, thanks for reading! X
I don't know if it speeds things up but that's exactly what I do. I was fasting today and finished eating around 7:15 and I won't eat again until midday tomorrow. It's just a pattern I seem to have gotten into, I don't normally eat breakfast anyway.
A lot of us find we wakeup not hungry after a fast day,so its easy to miss brekky.
You could try it if you arent waking up ravenous!
Not sure if it' ll speed things up..sometimes we just have to be patient on this WOE but sooner or later we get a pleasant surprise!
Dont be downhearted,there are many factors that contribute to when we do or don't lose x..
You can find details by browsing thru the info,tips etc on here xx
Thank you, I think I'll give it a whirl tomorrow and see how I find it, even if I don't do it all the time, it might help a bit! X
Hi @CharlieCook Don't think there's any proof that it helps with extra weightloss but as I also wake up after my fast days not hungry and the fact that my normal b/fasts were carb laden cereal all my days are now 16:8.
Reducing your carb intake may help because I seem to remember you go into fat burning quicker whatever to the reason both of the above were factors with my 50lbs loss last year for now my body is in shock no wonder and all I can do is keep on trying the same things until my body receives the message. Good luck worth a try.
:clover: :clover:
I've recently started doing 16:8 (basically, an 8 hour eating window) on non-fast days with the intent of cutting out breakfast and evening snacking. It seems to have speeded things up a bit. I'm fasting every other day. On those days I have a soft-boiled egg for breakfast.
Thank you everyone. I didn't do it today, unusually when I woke up post fast I was hungry, so I had breakfast (also the scales were kind to me this morning!). But I shall think about it again if I start plateauing.

I think also I just need to relax a bit and enjoy the journey, I think I'm guilty of reading a lot of different ways of doing this and thinking 'maybe that's what I should be doing....then I'll have lost all the weight I want to instantaneously'!! I'm a daily weigher (using Libra), mustn't get too hung up on the normal ups and downs....
Just keep to yr basics for a while Charlie and you' ll get into the routine that suits you best
We all seem to find the equation that works best for us and just tailor it as we go along x
Glad the scales were kind and hope you enjoyed yr brekky x
:smile: I did thank you!
Oh I hear you, it is hard just to stick to the basics and not get caught up in trying all variants!
I am a breKfast eater, so for me on the day after a fast, I really really want a decent breakfast (I liquid fast, so by then it's 36 hours no food). But my hubby can easily go til lunch before he breaks his fast. It really does seem to be one of the very individualistic things. Whether it speeds things up or not? Don't know. I alternate between thinking I should just stick to the basics and not get sucked into trying new things because the basic 5:2 works for me if I just do it, and thinking I should vary it to get off plateaus. Still don't know!
I guess if I cut my breakfast out after a fast I'd NEVER have breakfast again because Im an ADFer. I did skip breakfast last week when I knew I was going out for lunch. That seemed to help so maybe I'll try and skip the odd breakfast now and again!

Bean :starving:
I read something@carorees wrote recently which said if you normally eat breakfast then stop your body can show a weight loss and vice versa....if you don't normally eat breakfast then do for a while the same thing can happen (on 5:2 that is/or a variant of it). SO.....normally I don't eat breakfast and today I did...going to try that on my feast days and see what happens.....not sure what it will do to my eating window......but the change might have an effect on my body, I shall have to see. Shocking your body appears to be good for it!!! :shock:
I don't do breakfast anymore. Often at weekends I have brunch of eggs or beans on a slice of toast,
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