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Mixing 5-2 and 16-8?
14 Feb 2014, 12:11
Sometimes I can't do the 5-2 thing. Like when I have to go to big dinners three nights in a row but one of them was supposed to be a fast day.

Is it then possible to throw in a 16-8 day instead (not eating for 16 hours before the big dinner) and still keep down the IGF-1 levels in the blood? Or is it just a waste of time and effort?
Re: Mixing 5-2 and 16-8?
14 Feb 2014, 12:16
:like: Hi @potlatch Yes loads of us mix it up and for me most of my days have now become more like 18:6 plus 5:2 but when I have a heavy week of eating out ahead of me I always make one a complete 24 hour fast then eat + drink whatever I want knowing I'll be inside my TDEE. :clover:
Re: Mixing 5-2 and 16-8?
14 Feb 2014, 12:20
Yes 16.8 is better than eating normally that day and then having a big fancy dinner on top. You feel like you're not overdoing it then. I'm a 16.8er as not interested in breakfast anymore, and when I did eat it I felt hungry mid morning.
Re: Mixing 5-2 and 16-8?
17 Sep 2014, 04:48
Hello, so my question about mixing up the 2 different fast is a little crazy lol. On 16:8 can you have a few calories in your coffee before noon or is it absolutely no calories before noon? I would like to start doing 16:8 on my days I'm not doing 5:2. Any info would be greatly appreciated :)
Re: Mixing 5-2 and 16-8?
17 Sep 2014, 08:07
Hi Karma, your window is at your convenience, mostly mine are from 12-2 P.M. until, at the latest, 8-10 P.M. Some folk like to start the day with breakfast so their window will start and finish earlier, some have a much smaller window (see the fast-5 tent ) and some eat only one meal so you see how versatile the eating window can be. Just do what feels best, and works for you.

Ballerina x :heart:
Re: Mixing 5-2 and 16-8?
17 Sep 2014, 08:15
Hi @karma, a few calories in coffee is fine...just avoid having lattes! Luckily I prefer black coffee so I never break my fast before 12 but usually nearer 1 to 1:30. I don't eat after dinner which means my window closes at about 7:30 to 8, so I generally have a shorter window than 8 hours. As ballerina says, what works for you is the right way to do it!
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