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Can you fast two days in a row?
10 Mar 2013, 11:04
Fasted yesterday, went slightly over my 500 but just slightly!

I don't feel hungry, had a couple of days earlier this week where i really pigged out and i mean really pigged out! so wondering if i could fast again today or if this is not good?

Any help/advice appreciated :-)
You can if you like! I've never tried it but those who have report that it can be much harder. You can always try and see how you go. If it is too hard, put off the next fast for a couple of days.

I prefer to spread out my fast days because I found the reduced appetite after fasting fades away over the next couple of days so I think it better to do a fast every two or three days.
I've never done two fast days together but I believe some people do this regularly and it works for them.

I don't want to try as I find my appetite builds up when I eat so I like to space out the normal eating days with fasts.
Yes. The 2 day diet recommends consecutive days and trials of 5:2 are usually consecutive.
You can, It's all about what you find easiest so that you can stick to the plan. Personally I find two days in a row very hard, by the afternoon of the second day I can't think of anything but eating! Some other people prefer to get it all out of the way in 2 days then relax for the rest of the week.
Whatever works for you!
Hi Jackdaniels

I personally wouldnt recommend 2 days in a row.I find leaving a couple of days between fasts spreads out the week and keeps you in check to remember you're on a diet in the first place. IMHO doing 2 days in a row will leave you weak and more prone to 'pig out' on the other days. What i've found in my long reign of only a week.. Lol... Is that the fast days help regulate calorie intack on feast days. Looking at it on the overhand perhaps for you it would reduce how much you'd feel like eating on day 3.

Have you calculated your TDEE to make sure you're aiming for the right amount of calories? I found this really keeps me focussed.

There are always going to be weeks or days when you overeat...the key is to put it behind you and start afresh the next day.

Good luck and I'll be keeping an eye to see how you get on if you do try it.
I have done the double fasting and I vowed never again.. The second afternoon was a killer and time just dragged and dragged until the evening..

I know someone who does it every week (Monday and Tuesday) so he can get them out of the way and he has no trouble with this routine so I guess it's down to the individual..
Good luck if you go for this jackdaniels - let us know how you get on !
Hi JD,

I did 2 days consecutive for 4 5 months until I found this site. I have tried 2 days in the week and 3 days fast. I also tried day on day off. I'm back to MON-Tue fast days now i didn't loose anything the other ways and find this easier for me. The first day is hardest I think but by day 2 I'm feeling ok.

There is no problem trying out the different combinations and settle onn the one that works for you.

Good luck everyone

I've found two consecutive days suits my mindset better and "gets it over with" in one hit, normally Tues and Weds.

Thanks for a great informative forum!
I have done a two day fast for the first time yesterday and today (its 7 PM as I write) because I have an out of town meeting all week. I think if I had not done this, I would have been feeling guilty for the rest of the week, now I can relax and enjoy :)
Will not do it as a routine, but now I know I can if I need to
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