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I don't count calories either on non fast days because I'm lazy, and because I'm now trying to let hunger be my guide and to eat "clean" most days even when not fasting, saving up most of my calories for when we eat out on the weekends or if I want a treat here and there. I'm finishing up my 2nd week, and have lost 4.2 pounds, which I'm sure was a ton of water, but hopefully some fat, too! But I'm still very new at this, so if the weight loss slows down, I will start counting on my normal days.
I don't count calories on my feed days, but I am more aware of what I'm eating. While for my meals I'll tend towards healthier choices naturally now, I do still have snacks & treats. I try not to vastly overeat generally of course, but there are certainly days that I go above and beyond TDEE :)
Not really doing 5:2 for the weight loss - I'm here for the hopefully long term health benefits... so I'm not a calorie counter. That being said I have lost weight & inches with almost zero effort.

Don't eat processed foods though, cook from first principles - I do a lot of work in a community garden - highly recommend that as a social & physical activity - also gives you a great source of organic herbs & veg. & an appreciation of seasons & where food comes from.
Can any-one tell me what they use to measure calories - is there an app or something useful? Thanx
Yes, several apps. I use calorie counter from fat secret, others use my fitness pal. Both are good.
The only time in the last year when I counted calories was for a challenge from my health insurance company which enabled me to get points toward reducing the monthly fee. It was a pain. I have a pretty good idea of relative calories of things and try to eat healthy foods in reasonable portions along with walking to get places and zumba for fun and toning. I've been at the same weight (slightly overweight on BMI) for 2 years and want to get down in the solidly normal range.
I use My Fitness Pal to keep track of calories and it also tracks your progress on weight loss. I have lost about a pound a week.
Monday and Thursdays are my fast days. I have a very small breakfast and then maybe an apple between breakfast and dinner. :wink:
I don't count calories on my non fast day. I believed it when Dr. Mosley said you may eat more than usual on a non fast day, but you wont be able to catch up on non eaten calories.

I have noticed that I now get the unusual sensation of fullness from my food, so I need to stop eating. Before I started on this diet that did not happen.

I usually eat a bit extra for brakfast, say another slice of bread and butter, but after that I will eat a small lunch. My tendency is to feel fuller sooner.

My idea was to eat what I wanted when I wanted on non fast days and either not gain weight. The fact that I have lost weihgt has been a wonderful bonus
I dont count calories now, however I did for a year before I discovered the 5:2 so I have a fairly good understanding of whether Ive overeaten or not. I think the joy of this diet is that you don't have to obsess over food on a daily basis, that said, I think for people that have never calorie counted its a good thing to do even for a short time. I was amazed at the calorie content of my foods so I think as long as you have a rough idea of what calories are in foods then stop worrying for five days and enjoy your food!
I don't on feed days as that was one of the main attractions of following this scheme. I find calorie counting boring and found MFP tedious to use everyday after a while. I am however more aware of what I am eating, if that makes sense, and don't need as much as I used to think so I don't tend to go over averagely in a normal week. I am losing weight at a rate of about 1.2lbs a week which is slow but steady and I have lost 2.5 inches off my waist so it's working. I am in it for the long haul rather than to lose weight quickly so as long as it's working, I won't count on feed days. And I'll drink wine, eat junk food and be merry if the mood takes me! :D
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