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Myself and OH are both properly starting the diet today (had a stomach bug last week and so didn't eat for 3 days so had a bit of a head start!)

My plan is to have an early breakfast (1 slice of toast with 2 tomatoes - check) and then fish and salad this evening. I've watched the Horizon programme and read the book twice and the main objective is to fast for as many hours as possible by the sounds of it so am hoping to eat my fish salad as late as possible. Anybody else think this is a good way of fasting or do you think it doesn't make any difference when you eat your 500/600 :geek: cals?
Hi Georgie...glad you're feeling better!

Personally I'd ditch the toast and have a low carb breakfast. We don't know yet whether when you eat your calories makes any difference to weight loss. Over half of us seem to prefer to have just one meal in the evening. I think it depends on whether you are a breakfast person or not. Many people find that once you eat something it sets off cravings for more especially if the something contains carbs. However many people including Dr M have breakfast. Some delay their breakfast until really quite late. It is really down to how it fits in with your own body and lifestyle!

Good luck with it!
Caroline is much more knowledgeable than I am, so I wouldn't think about adding to what she said! But good luck to you and OH, in sure you'll find a way that works for you
Thank you both. In a few weeks time I will definately try to drop out the toast but I do like a "crunch" in the mornings and am definately not a cereal person. I could never be on a really low carb/Atkins type of diet. It's not potatoes that I would miss, it would be the bread. Going down to one slice of toast twice per week at the moment will already be a shock to my system! :shock:
I tried this approach to start with but really struggled with it. Felt cranky and starving by the afternoon and lightheaded sometimes. I changed to skipping breakfast - eating v light lunch then dinner at night - and this worked much better for me. (Despite loving breakfast and thinking I couldn't do without it!)

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
I normally skip breakfast, but I've just had a muller Greek coconut yogurt, 90 cals, then I'm having chicken and salad for dinner tonight
See how it goes!!
Good luck with your day
I haven't tried different methods as I started with just having one main meal when I get in from work and it works for me. I know that on my non-fast days that when I have breakfast at 8.15am I am starving by 12.00, so I figured if I didn't eat it would be easier, and so far I've done four fasts this way. I think you just have to find what works for you.

Good luck :-) x
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