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weight loss & inch loss
25 Mar 2013, 12:18
Hi there,

Im in my 4th week of doing 5:2 and so far 6lb down so very happy!
Im very good on fast days and dont exceed the 500 and mid week feast days are pretty decent (i no longer watch cals but would presume 1200 on ave)
my weekends (also fast days) i know i go a little crazy eating and drinking so very surprised i lost anything which was good.

my question: even though ive lost 6lb i dont appear to have yet lose any inches (although rings are looser)

does this take a while normally? or is it because at weekends im consuming too much?

thank you in advance

Anastasia :?:
Re: weight loss & inch loss
25 Mar 2013, 12:30
Congrats on your weight loss. Don't worry, the same happened to me. First I lost weight but not many inches, then I seemed to slow down and/or stop losing weight for a while but the inches simply dropped off. Rings swivelling is a good sign!
Happy days, :smile:
Re: weight loss & inch loss
25 Mar 2013, 13:55
Yes, it seems hard to predict which fat stores your body will choose to utilize first! Some people get big reductions in their waist others less so. I have had a big reduction in my waist but that has now slowed right down, but the weight is still coming off so I must be getting thinner somewhere! One of the first things I noticed was that I had to do my bra strap up tighter so I think some of the fat was coming off my back! OH says my double chin is receding so that could be half a pound there :lol:
Re: weight loss & inch loss
25 Mar 2013, 13:56
I'm a bit confused too Anastasia :bugeyes: So far I've lost 3.5 stone (I've been doing this since last year) but have only dropped one dress size, down to size 16. I'm hoping that the next 2 stone (taking me down to 10st) will show more inches coming off - I'd LOVE to get into a size 14. However, I know that the lbs ARE coming off so that makes me happy - my body must be so pleased with not having to cope with carrying so much weight around :lol: It'll come eventually I'm sure - we just have to be a bit more patient :clover:
Re: weight loss & inch loss
25 Mar 2013, 14:05
I find I lose everywhere so it takes quite a while to show - like scaping butter from a block rather than taking chunks!

With this way of eating I have lost more from my waist than ever before though. This seems to be a feature of 5:2
Re: weight loss & inch loss
25 Mar 2013, 14:08
My watch is getting further up my arm but I'm sure the weight is coming off my brain!!
Re: weight loss & inch loss
25 Mar 2013, 15:12
I have done the opposite, have stopped at 3-ish kg the last couple of weeks but have lost 6cm off my middle :O
Re: weight loss & inch loss
11 Apr 2013, 22:49
I think I was very bloated when I began the diet - and overnight I noticed an improvement in that... I've lost a lot of weight in 5 weeks but was thrilled this week by my rings fitting back on my fingers. I haven't been able to wear them for 6 months! My bra which I bought because I was steadily getting fatter - I now can have on the smallest setting and I wore one of my previous bras yesterday which was encouraging!
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