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So, this is my second week on 5:2. Fast days not too hard to handle. I seem to have enough calories left for a small brownie as a snack. Is it ok to eat absolutely anything as long as you stay within your limit? I had healthy protein and carbs during the day. Just getting a feel for the whole experience. Anyone comment please.
500 cals is 500 cals! I would love to see your menu for the day as I'm really boring and stick to poached egg and toast and then some yoghurt to make up the cals! ;)
I did have a high sugar snack on a feed day and had the most awful blood sugar spike though. Don't know if that's maybe something to just keep at the back of your mind...
You can eat whatever you want for your 500 cals, personally I'd rather use them for more filling foods on a fast day, and save any brownies for normal days.
Whilst 100 cals is 100 cals etc, I guess the concern would be that you get a huge insulin spike, then go gaga and try to eat anything that isn't nailed down :-(
Technically yes, but wise? No! As the others have said, creating an insulin spike by having a high carb snack will hamper weightloss and make you feel bad.
Thanks so much for your input. The brownie I am talking about is a Vitilicious, 100 cal, pretty nutritious version. Don't know if you have those across the pond. I' in the US of course. They have decent protein and tons of fiber, not too much sugar. I' m not too concerned about insulin spike, would be having it after dinner with coffee, then nothing else for the day.
How do I let people see my diary?
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