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Hi! This question is for those of you who have been doing 5:2 over 3 months. I just read on another website - it's the forum that has a sub group of people on "The Alternate Day Diet." This was a book written by a Dr. Johnson. He replied to some of their questions in a sticky on the forum, and he says that on days you don't fast you MUST count calories because after a 3 month period, your appetite goes back up and you will overeat if you don't count.

Although I realize his particular diet calls for fasting every other day (I could never do that), I also could never count calories on my feed days. For me that defeats the purpose of why I'm doing this.

So, for those of you doing this long-term, has your appetite increased on feed days after long-term 5:2ing? I've been doing this about a month now, and my appetite has definitely DECREASED on feed days. Will it go back up again?

Thanks for any feedback. Much appreciated.
I haven't been on 5:2 for 3 months (not even 3 weeks) but I can't see how one's appetite could be increased unless they were on some kind of medication that does that (cortisone for example) or ate more for several days.
TML, thanks for answering. I just cut and paste the info from the other website (please note his terminology: JUDD means Dr. Johnson's Up Day (Eat) Day), Down (Fast Day).

Here it is:

Most people find when they start the JUDDDD that they continue to eat normally on the UD. That is, they consume the same number of calories they are used to eating because their appetite doesn't increase. However, after around 8-12 weeks there is an adaptation by your hunger mechanism to eat more on the UD.

At that point it is necessary to limit your calories on the UD to whatever your normal daily intake was at the start,

It is absolutely essential when you reach this point to start using a food log recording the number of calories you eat and at what time of day. It is essential to fill it out at the times you eat---do not wait until night time. This self-monitoring is by far the most effective way to be aware of your intake and prevent going over your number.

It is true that if you go over you will not lose weight and if you go under your metabolism will slow because your body is trying to preserve energy.

I found the above pretty disturbing, because for one thing, no way can I count calories like I used to. I don't mind at all counting them on my fast days, but could never go back to counting them most of the time.
I have been doing this now for over 6 months, have achieved my target weight, been on maintenance now for a few weeks and my appetite has not increased one jot, I'm glad to say.

Ballerina x
5 months and no increase in appetite so far...

I think the Johnson diet (aka ADF) is likely to put your body under greater stress which can increase appetite.
I've been doing this over 7 months and am still losing weight. I don't count calls on my feed days and there are certainly days where I go over my tree but also days where I go under.

When I started I had two small meals on my fasts which decreased my appetite and I couldn't manage as much in one sitting after that, shrunk many tummy I guess. When I swapped on to a a single 400-500 cal meal this was of course bigger and I suspect stretched my stomach back a bit... so I can eat a bit more now before I feel full. I wouldn't say my appetite had increased but I would say I'm more relaxed about my feed days now I've been doing this a while. I know pretty much what I can eat and still lose weight, while still being able to enjoy my food.

I wonder if it's more of an issue for ADF as it is harder to sustain in the sense it is more frequent restriction?
I think Ballerina has the ultimate answer, and that is what I intend to try when I reach my target. I think the Dr Johnson stuff is a bit of sour grapes on the part of another scheme which aims to get money out of us for 'special' foodstuffs. 5:2 is FREE and it works!
Thank you thank you so much! You are just the best! Yes, I'll bet this is more of an issue for alternate fast days perhaps (which I will never do). I love the 5:2 plan and so appreciate hearing from you "old-timers!"

I think I just have to stop reading about other intermittent fasting plans, just stick with what is working for me (5:2), and just stick to this forum. Thank you ladies! I'm so relieved to hear your experiences.
150lbs wrote: I think the Dr Johnson stuff is a bit of sour grapes on the part of another scheme which aims to get money out of us for 'special' foodstuffs. 5:2 is FREE and it works!
Expect more backlash from those with vested interest in the diet 'industry', drug & food companies... If this way of eating is so dangerous/useless why do I feel so good?

No increase in appetite here either - only 9 weeks in.
I think I've mentioned it again, I expect a reaction from WW sooner or later.
TML, ex-Weight Watcher here. Yes, I'd bet my retirement check that sooner or later (probably sooner) Weight Watchers will start talking about the "dangers of fasting" in their meetings. My last go-round with them, they bashed low carbing when it was at its height; I expect 5:2 is next, especially since the FstDiet is now #3 on the New York Times Bestseller list (here in the States)!!!
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