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Help please
09 Apr 2013, 22:48
I was wondering if I can get some advice. I used one of those total daily calorie calculators and it said that to maintain my weight I need 2700 calories and to lose it I need 2500. It also said not to go below this as it would be bad for you...

But I wanted to go with 2000 on non fast days and 500 on fast days. Any recommendations?
Re: Help please
09 Apr 2013, 22:56
I would suggest eating as you currently do (for your feed days) unless you're currently gaining a lot of weight from your eating habits. Just cut back to 500 two days a week. If this doesn't work then you can track your usual daily intake and see how it compares with your tree. Ideally you should be eating around your maintenance amount on feed days, though some of us find that mixing things up a bit with a couple of feed cats on higher intake and a few with lower can help.
Re: Help please
09 Apr 2013, 22:59
I don't know - I'm new at this too. Probably best to wait for one of the seasoned 5:2ers for their advice.

Personally I think 2500 cals a day (for a female to lose weight) is a lot. I don't know how tall you are or how active you are, but I'd be aiming my calorie intake on non-fast days between 1500 - 1800.

Am I targeting it too low? I'd like to know the answer to your question, too. :)

Re: Help please
09 Apr 2013, 23:07
I calculated my TDEE on this website, it's 1270 for me.
I was around 1400 the week before last and 1500 last week. I will go back to 1300-1400 though.
Re: Help please
10 Apr 2013, 08:16
2500 might be correct for a tall/large woman. Mine was over 2000 to start with despite not doing exercise. I think Moogie is right...stick to whatever you were doing before and add the two fast days at 500. Your appetite will naturally decrease on feed days anyway. You only need to calorie count on feed days if you're not losing weight. Then we can play around with TDEE calculators!
Re: Help please
10 Apr 2013, 08:36
Hi Temper..... Moogie and Caroline know exactly what they're talking about, so my advice would be to listen to their words of wisdom :smile: Give it a while and then you'll reap the rewards - Good luck :clover:
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