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Okay so I know eating loads of junk is never a great idea and I tend to avoid it....mostly. But occassionally on my none fast days I like to eat a bit of chocolate or cake....or ice cream....but then of course I'm sticking strictly to my fast days. I just wondered if it was still possible to lose any weight by doing that? I'm not overweight but want to lose a stone and a half ish so I know losing the weight is going to be more difficult for me anyway but would anyone say I should cut out ALL bad food in order to reach my goal?

If so, any tips on helping my will power?! :?:
weight loss is certainly possible providing you can manage the quantity of stuff that you eat. The traditional issue with "bad" foods is their calorie density - it's easy to eat hundreds of calories in a couple of minutes.
I'm still eating chocolate etc on my normal days and I'm losing about 1lb per week apart from Easter when I stayed the same even though I did eat quite a lot of chocolate. I used to be a crisp and jaffa cake addict but after a few weeks on 5:2 I haven't really bothered with them, I just eat them occasionally.
Well I'm managing it! Have had cakes, dessert, chocolates, wine, crisps etc on feed days and still lost weight. But I don't have all of those on all feed days :lol:! You still have to end the week having eaten fewer calories than you've used!
Like carorees said -- losing weight depends on how many calories you take in overall. If you make up for the calories you skipped on the fast day, then you won't lose weight.
The idea of 5:2 is to restrict you in only minimal ways, so it doesn't sound like a very pleasant idea to be cutting out all the treats from your life - but yes, I suppose it may speed things up.

That said, most of us have continued to eat cake, choc, biccies, crisps etc (all within reason of course! not going vastly over TDEE most days) and still lost weight - but then we probably have more to lose than you. You look pretty tiny already my dear, what a lovely photo :)
Thank you everyone! It's good to know I wont have to completely cut out the bad foods, just have them occassionally and in moderation :)Aww thank you Moogie! My arms and face are tiny but sadly there is an extra roll on my belly that wasn't there before! That's why I think the fast diet is a good idea because It's not a silly diet where I don't eat anything and the weight drops off so I look ill, it's one where above all i'll feel healthier and losing weight will just be a bonus! Thanks again all, advice has been much appreciated :)
Hi BusyBea and welcome..... there are no bad foods, not in my little world anyway :grin: I eat whatever I want (not on fast days obviously ) I just have to watch how much of it I eat - that's the whole joy of this WOL - you don't have to deprive yourself of anything that might take your fancy on a feast day. Good luck, hope it achieves what you'd like it to. :like:
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