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Hi there,

I know I am a healthy weight and BMI. but I do have lots of excess fat mostly around my belly and my thighs and I really want to get rid of them, so hoping this diet will work for me. I've been on it for a month now, but haven't observed any change. Is it just that this diet is not right for me?

I'm 20 years old, I guess I'm past puberty so it should be safe right?

Tried to find posts about this already but couldn't! Is there anybody who's already considered lean who tried this diet and really managed to slim down/lose fat?

Thanks a bunch!!!
Welcome to the forums.

If you are already a healthy weight, you should consider going straight to the maintenance plan, which is 6:1 (six days of eating normally and one day of fasting). Perhaps you should take a look at that part of the forum?
Hi icandothis & welcome :)

If you could let us know a bit more about how you do your fasts and how much you'd like to lose that would be helpful, thanks.

We do have members who are already in the healthy BMI range and have had success with 5:2, although it must be said that the weight loss does seem to be slower for these folks generally speaking.

Have you measured yourself as well as weighing?
I was lean with no obvious surplus fat. I started last September and lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks. Don't know where from. Didn't lose muscle strength as still do same exercises. I then made sure I ate more on feast days and weight constant now.
I was lean with no obvious surplus fat. I started last September and lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks. Don't know where from.

If it was from around your liver and other organs that was a real win.
I am within the healthy BMI range and I am not trying to lose weight, but am following 5:2 for the health benefits. I calculated my TDEE, counted calories every day for the first 4 weeks and found that I lost inches all over, but especially from my stomach, hips and thighs. I do try to go for a good 30 minute walk every day and that has helped shape my upper legs. I am not young nor am I lean but I have a more svelte figure and lots of energy now.
I don't know how lean you are, but when I started the diet I had a BMI of nearly 21 but wanted to get down to the low range so I did the diet. I lost 6kgs to get down to a BMI of around 19 and am now doing maintenance. I lost fat from everywhere.
Hi everyone thanks so much for replying! I can really feel the support here :)

I'm 159cm,55 kg, so my BMI is 21.8. I want to lose about 5 kg? To get down to 50kg.

Franglaise I'm almost entirely like you! I want to get down to a lower BMI and lose inches. Can you share with me how you did your fasts and/or exercise? And did you see any effects the first month, cos I noticed you've been on it for 5 months now. Thanks!

Moogie: I do my fast twice a week and non-consecutive days.I usually skip breakfast, have a salad for lunch, and then a light dinner (like chicken breast and salad). I try to keep to 500 but I guess 600 is a more accurate reflection >< I live in college so I can't really control what I eat, so sometimes dinner could be a bit heavier, but if it's higher in calories I would eat less or skip out the salad...stuff like that. Haven't exercised at all because I'm taking my exams now!

Another thing is that, I've been eating 1200 calories a day for almost a year now, I hope that didn't kill my metabolism? Now on feast days I'm trying to bring it up to my TDEE which is 1500...but it scares me to be eating so much suddenly.

Thanks everybody, heartening to see that everyone has had so much success whether you're in it for a big or gradual loss!
icandothis, how tall are you? At your age, your TDEE should be much higher than 1500.
Hi Icandothis,
if you read my first blog post I've put the way I did the diet on there. I didn't increase my exercise, but I was (and am) quite active anyway, I run 5kms at least 5 days a week and walk 5kms on the other days, and I have quite an active job. I lost 1.7kg the first week, nothing weeks 2 & 3 (although I was losing inches)then around a kg a week after that. I lost all the weight over a period of 8 weeks and have been on maintenance for 2 months now.
Good luck with your diet!
I started at a BMI of 21 and am a few pounds away from a BMI of 19. I found it takes a bit more discipline to lose the weight when you are already thin. I follow 5:2 not only for the weight loss, but for the health benefits. Fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body. Once you train yourself how to do it, it becomes a lifestyle... I highly recommend the diet. It has given me a lot of energy and focus. I feel better than I have in years.
Monkeypenny: I'm 159cm, it seems to be around 1500/1600? Also because I placed my lifestyle as sedentary... because I'm having exams now haha.

Franglaise: Yes I just went to read it! WOW I don't think I could be that active, you sound really healthy and fit! I will definitely exercise more after my exams, hopefully that can catalyse the diet into working. This is my fourth week and there has been no change in weight or inches so it's a bit disheartening

Rufus: thanks for sharing! How long have you been on the diet and how much have you lost? I'm sorry what's a BMI of 121 and BMI understanding seems to use another system? like 21.8 and 19.
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