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Saw the Dr Mosley documentary sometime in early May and immediately started a 4:3 regiment. I've known about fasting for a while now, back in 2007 I had read an eBook titled "eat stop eat.pdf" and was very interested in what the author said — unfortunately I needed more scientific data so I ignored the ebook (albeit very entertaining with a different, but complimentary, viewpoint to Dr Mosley's).

The BBC documentary convinced me and I dove right in.

In early May 2013 I was 108Kg (1.93m tall) and as I write this I'm 98Kg. I work from home at a standing desk so I'm not under any social pressures to eat at lunch with co-workers.

I still have 27.5% body fat, down from 29.9%. I plan to re-evalute things when I get near 15% body fat (such as dropping to 5:2). My goal is 83Kg which is the last time I had 11% body fat in my early twenties.

I'm currently changing what I eat as well, I do binge a little on my fast days but I have already transitioned to Almond milk/yogurt as a replacement for milk and I stopped all sodas cold turkey (wasn't a big soda drinker to start).

White sugar is out, I use honey.

Anyhow, the question was about 4:3 — personally I like it very much and now look forward to my fasting days.
Hi, I really like fasting 3 day a week too, almost a month now ...but I do mon-wed-fri. (DELETED)
I have edited the last two posts to remove references to extended fasting per forum rules.

Policy Regarding Discussion of Extended Fasting

This forum exists to discuss basic intermittent fasting and similar short-period fasting and calorie-restriction interventions. We are not here to 'nanny' you, however, we do not encourage extended fasts undertaken without medical supervision and would prefer these topics not be discussed here both for reasons of legal responsibility and concern for our members' health. Posts advocating inadequately-supervised near-zero-calorie fasts of longer than 36 hours will have a public warning placed above them and posts will be edited as deemed necessary by forum staff.
Whoa! A blast from the past. Welcome, Gisela. There are a lot of threads around on 4:3 (another name for fasting 3 days a week). I'll try to post some links when I get to my computer. In any case, good luck!!
Hi kitty galore,that sounds so hard to do for 3 days,what kind of work do you do,I work as a cleaner and so I don't think I could sustain doing the fast for 3 days but good luck to you.
I'm doing 4:3. I agree that it feels like a better rhythm. I think if I did 5:2 I would undo all my loss by overdoing the feast.
So far I've not completed a week yet, though, so we'll see how it goes!
SunnyD wrote: I'm doing 4:3. I agree that it feels like a better rhythm. I think if I did 5:2 I would undo all my loss by overdoing the feast.
So far I've not completed a week yet, though, so we'll see how it goes!

Good luck, @SunnyD!
Apart from a few weeks at 5:2 just over 2 years ago, have always done 4:3.

Its a better rhythm in my opinion with only once in the week when you have 2 days of non fasting back to back. So it keeps you really focussed. And based on the 500/2000 calorie average, you are increasing total calorie deficit each week by 1500 calories.

If you do have a special occasion which falls on a fast day.. its easier to just do the 5:2 that week and then return to 4:3 so you can more easily keep to "set days"

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