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Liquid fasts
10 Jun 2013, 19:26

Been looking at the posts about liquid fasts.

Are these just like normal fasts but instead of food you just eat liquids? Also what liquids are you allowed to eat??

Can people advise if they help lose weight faster?

Re: Liquid fasts
12 Jun 2013, 08:08
hi Karen

I think most people are going calorie free on their liquid fasts but some are having milk in coffee and tea, and a few are allowing themselves some thin soup. The idea is to cut the calories on the fat day zero or at least well below 500. Like most things in the intermittent fasting lifestyle, it's fitted around you rather than having strict rules!
Re: Liquid fasts
12 Jun 2013, 18:26
I think some are also doing juices (like live vegetable juices).

I personally find fast day is easier if I don't add any calories to my coffee or tea. I don't eat anything until 6pm on my fast days.
Re: Liquid fasts
12 Jun 2013, 18:34
I tried a whisky diet ........

I lost 2 days ( sorry :oops: )

On fast days I only drink water or chicken oxo until evening time, then I'll have a couple of decaf coffees. Still need to have some 'solid' fuel though, but usually have just an omelette sometime in the afternoon. Am finding the fast days even easier as the weeks go by :like:
Re: Liquid fasts
12 Jun 2013, 19:00
Hi Karen....pretty much what has been said except Old Nog's whiskey!! Do what suits you but my aim is to increase the health benefits by taking in as few calories as possible and giving my body a complete rest from food.

Most of the time I have herbals teas, tap water and sparkling water. The other day I had Bottle Green Lime & Coconut Cordial with spring water as a treat which probably came to 20 cals.

Many of us find that by not eating we don't turn on the hunger switch which actually makes fasting easier as you are not concerning yourself with what you'll have for your 500 cals.

For me the initial weight loss increased in the same way as it did when I first started 5:2ing with 500 cals. My weight loss has stalled over the last few weeks but that hasn't put me off liquid fasts.

Hope that helps.
Re: Liquid fasts
12 Jun 2013, 19:39
As wildmissus said, although would add that I only started liquid fasting after 4 months on 500 cal 5:2 so my body had already adjusted to fasting 24hrs, I would recommend getting used to that first as then you will have an idea whether it might suit you. I have black coffee, water and diet coke on my liquid fasts, but everyone does it differently! I like not having to think about preparation of meals and I like the idea of allowing my body more repair time for (hopefully) better health benefits!
Re: Liquid fasts
12 Jun 2013, 20:11
I started with 2 meals a day on a fast day in Feb, quickly moved to just one meal in the evening, and in early May moved to liquid fasting. I have black tea and water all day, plus one mid morning coffee with a splash of milk. I find it as easy as a 500 cal fast, but I needed to get used to fasting before I moved to liquid only. I have been a slow loser all along, and continue to be, but I think liquid fasting has speeded it up slightly. I wasn't having my evening fast meal till 7.00pm, when I got in from work, so I thought I may as well continue with drinks only in the evening, as I was almost at the end of the day anyway.
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