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Have reached my goal on 16:8
05 Jul 2013, 23:27
I am very pleased to report that at my weigh in today I have reached my goal weight. Yippee!
I started out on 5:2 and lost 5kg over about 8 weeks which was fantastic. I started reading all the posts about 16:8 and thought that given that I only had 3-4 kg to lose I would give it a try. I had expected that I would maintain my weight and not lose any but what has actually happened is that I have continued to slowly lose weight on 16:8 alone.
I have stuck to 16:8 everyday and haven't found it hard at all. Eating normal lunch, having afternoon snack and normal dinner at night. My only rules have been to cut out wine during the week and drink only at weekends which has helped with my sleep patterns and I have reduced the amount of sugar I was consuming.
All in all I feel great, i have lots of energy and I'm not stressing about food because nothing is restricted, I can have a slice of cake or a sweet treat occasionally. Very pleased with the results.
Keep you posted on whether the weight stays off. :grin:
Well done Leanne! :like: You must be so pleased. I'm loving all these success stories!
Congratulation Leanne well done on reaching your goal thank you for sharing it with us :victory: :heart: :like: :smile:
Wonderful for you Leanne! Congratulations :)
That's great, congratulations for reaching your goal!
Congratulations! I hope you have a nice non food reward planned for yourself you sure do deserve it.

I have a question for you when you were doing 16:8 and still losing weight were you consciously aware of your TDEE or were you just eating as you were hungry and stopped eating when you were full without being overly aware of the number of calories you consumed?

Did you have problems sleeping when you were fasting i.e. insomnia or restless sleep that some fasters report?

Once again well done and keep us posted with your maintenance strategy.

:star: :clap:
Congratulations :)
Yay1 Great job!
Hi Leannehills,

That's great, I bet you feel wonderful. I have been maintaining on 16/8 now for 4 months and find it a fantastic way of life, so easy and I've never felt better. It is not for everyone but if it suits you, which it seems to do, then I think you will be very happy on it. I also continued to lose weight but it just means that I eat more some days or a big treat is not a problem, well done

Ballerina x :heart:
Hi Leanne congratulations :like: and well done you :heart: nice to hear 16:8 works for you, sounds very doable :clover: Sue
Congratulations :like: That is great news and very inspiring to read about :smile: . I am thinking about doing the same when I am closer to my target weight. By now I still need 9 kilos more to loose but I will try for 16:8 when there are only 5 kilos left :like: .

Many congratulations from me too - that is brilliant! :)
:grin: Thank you everyone for your good wishes. :heart: :heart: :heart:
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