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nursebean wrote: Fasting should be pretty easy for me. I have no friends, so no social life. The last couple of weeks I've been really naughty and on Monday I had a little cereal binge (I just HAD to eat some Cheerios!) after I'd eaten my one meal of the day. I'm determined to stick to my fast tomorrow (Thursday) and, at the moment, the plan is to fast Sunday and Monday (huh! back to back fasting...not tried that before!!) so that I can have a week of not worrying. Mmm not sure whether that might prove fatal though.

Its only a week everyone ready?!!


I don't believe you don't have any friends Bean, what about us lot for starters? I assume you are coming to the party? I need your cocktail order :like:
And I need to know what you will be drinking with your lunch and then there are the drinkkies afterwards so we need you just to keep Karen and I on our toes, no friends indeed, phtt! :lol:

Ballerina x :heart:
I plan to stay sugar free and very low carb and 5:2 as normal... I know what i'm like, one bit of either of those and it'll be curtains for me!! The good thing is that I can easily resist at the moment as my sugar cravings are gone..... BUT, i'm a little fearful of how that will pan out once the vino's flowing! It's ok when i'm on my own but when i'm around a lot of people I find myself justifying that a little bit of this, or a little bit of that is fine, it's normal, everybody else is eating it so why can't I?!
I'm visiting my sister. My mom will be there and I suspect she'll freak out if I try to fast. I'm maintaining now so I don't think a week off will do any harm. I'll try to be reasonable and skip breakfast or lunch when I've overdone it. I might squeeze one last fast in on Monday when I fly. It's supposed to help with jet lag.
23rd & 28th then probably the 30th. Then try and fit in fasts around goodbye parties for family that is emigrating.
Today will probably be my last proper fast. I would have done Monday next week but we are taking a few people to dinner for my son's 30th birthday. My kids start arriving home on Friday and I will have a houseful for christmas and Boxing Day and then we're having quite a big new year's eve party!I'm not going to get stressed about it this is a long term plan. Last Christmas I had not long started 5:2 and I put back 3 of the 6 lbs I had managed to lose but now a year later I have reached my original taget of 2 1/2 stone loss and set myself a new target. If a few lbs do go on over the festive season I will see them off next year
My usual fast days are Sunday and Wednesday, so I'm fasting today and I fasted Monday due to celebratory functions. I'll fast again on Sunday and the following Sunday and then back to normal Sunday and Wednesday from then. xx
I usually fast Monday, Thursday and Saturday, but this week I am doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as we are going to my sister-in-laws on Saturday and there's always lots to eat there. Then next week, I am going to fast Monday and Saturday and letting myself have whatever I want on the other days. The following week, I'll go back to my normal 3 days, but will let myself have what I want on New Years Eve/Day. I'm hoping that by doing this, I will only put on a small amount of weight/maintain over Christmas, instead of the usual half a stone.
What would I do without you all @Rawkaren ? How are you fasting over Christmas? Cocktail order? Oh, yes please?!

Sprouts? Love em or hate em? I loves em :) but they have a rather hilarious effect on my dogs
I am making the most of what will be quite a quiet Christmas & New Year for once. Only us & a two day visit from our younger son for Christmas itself and on our own for New Year. I am fasting tomorrow, Saturday and Monday then will do Thursday (Boxing Day) and decide how much to fast before and during New Year. This is the first time in ages that we've been on our own for New Year....time to indulge ourselves that night I think. Why Not?!
Is that your tree on your avatar @Auriga ? Only it looks beautiful...really Christmassy (if that makes sense)
wow so most people seem to be getting a couple of fasts in. Fair play to everyone - I hope you all stick to it - I've ben having trouble with lack of motivation lately so really hoping to do the best I can and then back on track in Jan on 5:2. It will be a real challenge I think over Xmas
Today was my last fast, I think.

I have an early Christmas family dinner on Saturday, if I'm not in damage control I may just do a 16/8 on Monday, but me thinks how these events turn out I will be doing a regular fast this coming Monday. But then I will take a small break till just after the New Year. I do love all the festive food and I need to have a wee break from 5:2 even to reinvent it.
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