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5:2 Diet Results: Before & After

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You look amazing!!! from looking at the change in your shape I would suggest you get some NEW SCALES!!!
Seriously, the change is immense! New bobby daz 'fat analyser' scales will perhaps help you see that the whole you is actually made up of a lot of muscle (giving a high mass on the scales) but the fat is disappearing!

I really admire your determination to keep going - I know in my head if the scales weren't moving I would self sabotage, THIS i have learnt is where I keep going wrong! For me now, its all about the size of clothes I wear (with a little bit of info from the scales! :) )

Thank you for sharing and reinforcing what I need to keep doing :)

JB x
Congratulations! You demonstrate a steely determination and the result speaks for itself. well done! :star: :star: :star: :star:
Wow! Wonderful to see such good results @Lil, a proper inspiration you are.
:like: :grin: :rose: :rainbow: :yinyang: :sun: :clock: :drink:
Looking good kid! What a great example you are Lil! You must feel like you're floating on air! X
You look fantastic! Well done on the huge improvements you've made!

From one slow loser to another, let me say that everything I've read seems to indicate that losing more slowly is not only safer, but it's likely to be more stable and permanent weight loss. Considering how many people regain their weight within the first year of losing it, this is very important to me.

I wish you continued success into year 3 :-)
Well done indeed @Lil for sticking with it and for being patient with the slower loss. It's great to see you're still losing weight and not making this way of eating any more restrictive than necessary :)
Thank you all for your kind comments. I obviously feel much thinner than when I started but what I found quite interesting is that when I took the photos I thought I looked fatter in them than the image I see looking back at me from the mirror so I seem to have the opposite body image to an anorexic who feels fat although he/she is very thin! My % body fat is relatively low for my BMI and waist/ height ratio so there must be some muscle lurking underneath the 'cuddly bits' - or my scales are lying :doh:
Wow @Lil happy 2nd fast year - congratulations! :like: :victory: Well done - slow is good, balanced and sustainable! Thanks for sharing your journey - loving your curves too :heart: x
Love your top photo @Lil shows how good you look and just checked your tracker that too shows your sure and steady decline. Well done and all the very best for the ongoing journey
Well done Lil! You're looking great. Congratulations.
My story is similar. Good weight losses last year- 18 KGS in 9 months then 5 KGS this year ( actually I lost 5 then put nearly 3 back on then took it off again which has been taken most of the year!) But I figure as long as I haven't put 22 KGS back on then I'm succeeding the fight against my body's nature of wanting to refill the fat cells! And because its been so slow I don't think I'll have a problem w with tummy skin ( I'm 46) so at this rate I suspect it may take a year or more to lose another 13 KGS but that's OK because I'll just keep on this WOL when I get there.
Its amazing how it helps you listen to your body. Its Sunday here, I cooked up a big brunch ( no brekky) baked creamy mushrooms,houlimi cheese w with tomatoes, bacon, egg, sauteed baby spinach and I looked at it and thought " I'm not hungry at all, I'll have mine later' .
Keep up the great work @Lil , do you count calories on non fast days?
Xxx julianna
Thanks for posting @Lil and sharing your photos -quite a transformation, you should be very pleased with yourself! Congratulations! :) it is great to hear from people who have been following the basic 5:2 for a long time. Best wishes as you continue. :)
@julianna I don't count calories except on fasting days. In the 5 years prior to staring 5:2 I had been trying to stabilise my weight by reducing portion size especially of white carbs and severely reducing fat intake. I have carried on more or less in that fashion on my normal days but I don't count. I still like sweets but I find the number I eat has reduced. I also now favour a dilute G&T over wine as a social drink although I still have wine with meals at the weekend and on holiday. I am older that you, newly turned 63, and I suspect tummy skin is going to be a bit of a problem for me!!
Oh my gosh! I'm SO happy to read this post today! What fabulous success!! It is inspiring to a newbie such as myself to read about those of you who have been fasting long term! I'm also glad to read how your body continues to change even though the scale doesn't reflect a difference.....fantastic!

I look forward to being a success story myself in the coming year(s)!
[tagllori[/tag] the heading of your new post - in for the long haul certainly describes how this way of life for me - hopefully it will be for you too.
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