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Today it is 3 years since I started 5:2. Apart from holidays I have never lapsed. My weight loss in this 3rd year has been small - 1/2 stone maybe and I am currently struggling to lose the weight I put on over the holiday season this year.I feel as if I am one of very few who have been following this WOL for so long without a lapse who are not yet maintaining.Although I am fairly happy with how I am I had hoped to get down to 10 1/2 stone by the end of my 3rd year but it has not happened.
By chance someone put a photo of me at my retirement party 4 years ago on Facebook this morning. So although although I feel that I am 'struggling' it is reassuring to see how far I have come. The second picture was taken this morning - not much change since last year - see my initial post.
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@lil, you have definitely come a long way. And respect for being a 3-year, no lapses, faster. May you be rewarded with continuing loss in year 4.
Your post is so encouraging! I just started on year 2 and have only lost about 2 pounds the first year. However I didn't gain so I counted the first year as a success.
I think you have done/are doing brilliantly! Don't forget that those of us who are maintaining may have lost far less weight than you, so you are the real heroine of this WOL! Many people would be thrilled at losing half a stone in a year and of course you need to take into account the weight that you would probably have put on if you weren't fasting.
:star: :star: :star: Your photos tell your real story and you should feel incredibly proud of what you have achieved. Well done to you! :star: :star: :star:
Hey, @Lil, looks like you have company; I've been 5.2ing since April 24, 2014, and have gone from 14st12 to 12st9 (usually do pounds, but took the time to convert so we could compare). And my target has been 150lbs (10st10), but still looking a long way off. Though if you've read my posts, you know that I'm all about "what I can keep OFF," rather than "how much can I lose and how fast." Been there, done that, got a whole drawer of T-shirts; not interested in that way anymore! I've also inspired a few people to try this WOL, so that's good too.

Though I keep my light days very strict, not so much on normal days; I really want this to be my WOL for the rest of my life, and in that spirit I try not to restrict myself much on normal days (though I did go through a 6-week period without drinking at all; was good for me, but didn't result in a weight loss :razz: ). I've warned a few gung-ho newbies that "dieting" on normal days is not a good idea, and turns 5.2 into "just another diet," probably doomed to fail. Though it's discouraging to not have gotten to my "target" faster, I have realized other positive results on the way: My knees are much better, so I can walk without pain...and DANCE, which I though was off the table! Since I love to dance, that's a biggie! And my foot pain is resolved too. Probably related is my unfortunate tendency to fall (and hurt myself; no fun!) seems to be gone; between the improved legs/feet, seems that my center of gravity has shifted, and I don't feel like I'm tottering about ready to fall on my face any minute...Anyway, from one slow loser/inbetween maintainer to another, let's count our blessings as we go...
So well done, @Lil I think those of us who have been fasting for a long time will all identify with your post. It's slow. Very slow. It starts well, and that's encouraging. But I'm now at the stage where I have to fast 2 days a week just to maintain. I don't seem to lose any more but if I go to one day, I gain and I'm with you, @ferretgal, I won't count calories on other days and this is for good. For me fasting continues to be challenging. I thought after all this time, it would be easier than it is. The 2nd fast of the week is particularly hard.
@Sallyo, I just keep telling myself, You would have killed two years ago to be under 180lbs without starving yourself! I keep hoping that my "set point" will reset to something lower along the way, but not holding my breath. My friend sauge who just joined is a runner; more power to those who are...but even when I was thin, I hated running, so not real likely when I've got this oversized body on these skinny little legs...I find that if I do activities I enjoy, I stick with them. More important, to me, to be active in a happy way than to exercise in a grim way... I do my weekly dance, just started a weekly tai chi class, and still love to skate (inline), though our weather is making up for lost time and has been pretty crappy lately. Seattle November=wind/icy cold rain/clouds. Eh, we did get a clear day on Wednesday, and since it was a holiday, my son and I went for a walk on a local (famous! Burke-Gilman) trail. And I've recently started actually using my Xiser; it's odd, it doesn't feel that intense, yet if I overdo it, boy, do my legs let me know!
Lil, I love your success posts. You are awesome! Slow and steady wins the race. Since I'm just returning to 5:2, and have absolutely no desire to count any calories on nonfasting days, I know my results will be slow. But I don't care. This time around, I'm in it for life. Let it take as long as it takes.

The best to you! You've done great!
ferretgal, I just read YOUR post. Awesome as well! I just love these stories. I love the way you're working this - making this a lifestyle, not just another diet!
@Lil, I'm still with you, plodding on. I put on quite a bit of weight but after changing my hours at work I have started losing again. My stats are very similar to @ferretgal- started at 191lbs (13st 9lbs) went down to 154lbs then back put to 178lbs, currently at 171lbs. My ultimate goal is 150lbs (10st 10lbs) but in the short term I want to start the new year under 12st (167lbs). As @Sallyo points out nobody said it was easy but your photos prove that it is worth it. I do feel much better than when I was 191lbs. So Lil, there are quite a few of us in the same situation as you, let's keep going :wink: .
Thank you all for your kind and encouraging posts. I have had a rather unusual year. For the first 6 months my hubby was having chemo for a low grade lymphoma that has been with us for some years. The chemo was not particularly intensive and he tolerated it well but it meant we could not plan any holidays in that time for fear he might catch an infection due to reduced immunity. One benefit of this was that my 5:2 progress was steady. I was losing about 1lb a month which was fine. Then between July and October we had 4 weeks away, one of our sons got married, 2 big party weekends, a university reunion weekend and a birthday treat for hubby that involved sitting on a train for about 16 hours eating lots of food. Between these events I fasted on my normal Mondays and Wednesdays but managed to put on about 3 lbs - and that is a real 3lbs of fat not fluid! However maybe because the ratio of non fast to fast days had been higher than usual since then it has been a bit like starting 5:2 all over again. My fasting days have felt HARD, my habit of 'picking' has increased and my sweetie eating although not massive is more than it had become. Finally this week I feel that I am getting back on my normal 5:2 track -- it's a bit like turning an oil tanker round.
I am so grateful to have found a way of losing and maintaining my weight. I realise that this has to be my WOL forever. Like @ferretgal and @Sallyowhat makes this doable for me is that on my normal days I don't count calories and I can have anything including alcohol and sweets. I do cook and eat mindfully and when fasting regularly I am naturally much more controlled in the amount I eat. I still rigidly count calories on my fast days, weighing everything and noting calories down in a book ( I have just had to buy a new book). Because my TDEE is in the 1600s for the last year I have been sticking to under 400 cals on my fasting days which is tough but possible with the right recipes. My fast days are non negotiable. If it's a Monday or a Wednesday ( apart from the occasional swap) it's a fast day. I have never 'failed' a fast.
Sorry for rambling on, I just wanted to acknowledge the support you have given me. I do look at the forum everyday but don't say much. My fasting buddy @clairemarie has just reappeared so perhaps I will be becoming more active again!
I passed by 3-year fastiversary a couple of weeks ago, now I come to think of it! Well done @lil and all the rest of us who have been intermittently fasting for over 3 years. Here's hoping our numbers continue to swell!! :like:
:clover: thanks so much for this post! You inspire this newbie ( began sept 2015) to keep going. I am losing weight S. L. O. W. L. Y ( thyroid issues) but will continue for other reasons that just weight. On my fast days I also do a "house purge" .... Clean a closet, empty a drawer, clean the Venetian blinds etc. this WOL has benefits beyond the physical for me! Great to hear of your three year success... Inspiring!
As life got too busy, and weight was steady, I stayed away from the forum so missed a lot of updates but I am very pleased to see your commitment @Lil. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the photos. Well done!
Fantastic job Lil!!!
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