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Re: The negative effect
08 Oct 2014, 12:06
Hi @Margotsylvia
I have the opposite problem to you. I have virtually no boobs left but still plenty of covering on my bottom and thighs. This way of eating has removed a lot of weight from my hips, upper torso and arms, more so than other times when I have lost weight - tho those losses were not thru diet but thru exercise, I haven't lost weight thru diet since a teenager until 5:2.
I guess our bodies can react to different weight loss regimes in different ways, tho I understand that weight loss generally is all over, but it may be more noticeable in some areas. And not sure there is much we can do to target weight loss to particular areas, all we can do is get the relevant muscles toned as best we can.
And if you are slim, providing your boobs aren't too big, I would say they are an asset!! :)
Re: The negative effect
07 Jul 2015, 05:42
Losing bracelet worth it. It may be your fav one but think positive about this. You have loss some weight. Your situation remind me of old saying. No loss No Gain.
Re: The negative effect
11 Jul 2015, 07:16
Thank you so much for providing such a useful information.
Re: The negative effect
02 Nov 2017, 14:32
I can remember being at work one night, as a nurse, and I was complaining to my co-worker about the gloves. I thought they must've gotten a bad batch and that they didn't fit right. They were too big. My co-worker laughed at me and had to tell me that my hands were smaller.

I think its interesting that I can look at my hands/wrists and feel like they look the same as always, but rings, wrist watch, and gloves have gotten bigger. I've also noticed that some other people who I never thought of as fat are now looking fatter. Its almost like I don't feel like I'm all that different, but everything around me has changed. Weird, but wonderful!
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