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@MaryAnn you don't come across as cynical to me. And it's the emperors new clothes thing isn't it... There is no point pretending this is a miracle cure and that you and others haven't worked really hard to get where you are now, and to stay there. I don't see that as at all negative, I see it as honest. And encouraging - because you still choose fasting, even with its challenges. So do I. Beats calorie counting every day, or buying bigger clothes.

Like you I am also impressed about some others on the forum having a lovely calm approach to it all i.e.that they take it one day at a time, its just part of life and what they do now. I aspire to that.
MaryAnn wrote: Part of me thinks "Sometimes the truth is gloomy. There's no point in sugar coating it." But part of me worries I'm too cynical sometimes. I've described my journey with maintenance as a struggle, but others here (I'm thinking @Chris P and @StowgateResident in particular, but I may be wrong) have done things similarly to me (continued fasting 3 days a week; had ups and downs during maintenance) and instead of viewing it as a struggle, they just see it as part of the journey. I.e., I could stand to be more positive about it.

Im guessing the struggles are very real for many and there are only a selected few that just breeze through it.
What i think is wonderful is that when one has reached their desired weight and kept roughly around that spot, they have all their stomach organs in tact! When you say the word Journey.. and ive just realised that its one of the words that make me cringe so im gonna add it to that other thread about cringe words, i keep being reminded about all those people who go on this journey to have their stomach either stapled, bypassed or worse, removed in almost its entirety.

So we all here who "have made it" or nearing to making it should be proud that we indeed have not had to have bariatric surgery! and the journey must be easier because of this fact alone. As we are merely changing our mindset and behaviour.
I am a firm believer that a part of the process, and the success, has to do with the state of mind, hyou have to be ready and I mean really really ready. Do you know why I never did try to diet ? Because I wasn't ready, at all. I was trying to convince myself I liked the things the way they were, except I was a fool. 2 years ago, nearly to the day, I had something that clicked, I WAS ready, I did a steamy veg and steamy white meat for 4 months and I lost easily, much quicker than when I began to fast however my spirit began to change and I began to get bored and to rebel, which was not a good sing.

That's when I talked to my OH about it and he told me about how he stayed in shape for ever basically with some regular fasts (he does it for 30 something years now). I found the 5:2 documentary, this forum and decided to give a go and it was such a relief to be able to eat proper food and not tasteless steaming things that I didn't see it as a diet from the get go. Maybe there is a need to not see it as a diet (and then as a chore) ? I mean, @Ballerina(if I remember correctly, still does 16:8 every day (is that right ?) and she didn't put weight back on and she isn't the only one, if you keep things as they were before you reached your goal, and you make it part of your routine and it becomes an automatism, maybe it could be easier ?

I don't know, it's just my two scents :wink:
@Manderley you are quite right, dieting requires the correct frame of mind or it will never work, whatever method you choose and yes, finding a way that is sustainable for you for ever is the secret of successful maintenance. As you so rightly say, I am still adhering to a daily eating window but I am finding that the 16/8i I started out with is now much reduced with most days now being just the one meal. This suits me very well but I can appreciate that it is not for everyone as we are all so different but I do feel very lucky, and happy, to have found what works for me.

Ballerina xx :heart:
One should keep in mind that, for it to work out long term one should stick to it even when maintaining. I understand that one can't go on with the 500cals a day in order to stop losing weight but one solution may be to up the calories intake. I personally have a 700/800 cals intake on my fast days but I keep that 2 fasts and never stopped (except in December, those days I did a window instead with around 1000 cals and didn't eat anything after 6;30 PM). Anyway, if it's becoming a chore or you dread your fast days, it can't work long term. Everybody needs to find his/her combination.
Just a brief update. I skipped a fast last week as the hunger issue had become so difficult for me. I was still at the same weight this morning so that was encouraging. More to the point. I was able to fast today without strain. Since I'm maintaining, I had about 100 calories from coffee & half and half that are on top of my usual fasting fare, but its just about time to make dinner and I am only now starting to be hungry.

So that suggests that @carorees was right to suggest a break. Usually I feel ready for a fast the night before, which had not been the case for the last couple weeks. But by today I felt that way again.
Thanks for sharing this useful and interesting post. Keep posting.
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