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TML13, I think we should change your name to TMI13!!

Not till I mention my bellybutton fluff!!! ;-)
Ah, you want Funny Uncle's thread for that!

Thanks for the post. I'm coming up on 3 months with this WOE and am starting to notice some of these same issues. Actually, I think this has been going on for several weeks and I'm just now noticing it... :P

I'm wondering if the irregularity of this WOE is, well, making me a bit irregular. Some good advice in response to your post, plus I found some more by using Moogie's super-whamadyne search tool in the upper left of my screen.

If you can bring yourself to only weigh once per week or once every two weeks, by all means do so. If you can't (I can't) then I recommend an app for your device (I use True Weight) that plots a smoother line right on top of your wavy, tumultuous daily measurement. :-)
Good to know I'm not alone.
Canny stop weighing every day, no way I'm afraid.
But I'll use the search button and seek for help.
Does this app require one of those new smarty phones and a digital scale?
Nah. I'm sure there are free downloads for your computer, and an analog scale works just fine. :-)
Ah, I'll look it up, thanks!
Oats and green vegies are a very good source of fibre - also beans and lentils. Other standards like carrots, cabbage and onions are a good source of fibre. There's plenty of info on the net about fibre.
Eat lots of fruit and veg and cut out processed foods and drink plenty of water...
I use psyllium husk (Visiblin) dissolved in water on fast days, because of initial side effects quite to the contrary of yours, TML13. But that works for constipation as well.
Thanks guys.
I'm eating porridge today since it's fasting day and I plan to eat frikasse tomorrow (lamb with lettuce and spring onions).
The half a kilo is gone but no news on the... toilet front.
I'm trying to find psyllium husk in Greek and see if we have it here. I will also buy some prunes later today.
I took a laxative from Boots last night but still, nothing.
Anyway, thanks for all the replies and ideas!!!
Where there is already an issue of... Compaction :bugeyes: lactulose (from the dr but possibly available OTC as well) is really good as it softens the stools. Basically its glucose (liquid sugar by definition) and as sugar is incredibly hygroscopic (attracts water) it softens the stools and makes them easier to pass. The problem with most laxatives is that they as a general rule force bowel contractions which can cause more pain :frown:

All of the above said, I had a fast day meal last night of mushrooms (250g) watercress (100g) brown rice (125g) and chicken (100g) and (ahem) my system has never processed food as quickly in my life I don't think :confused: I'm definitely bearing it in mind if I get any problems along the way :oops:
Lactulose? Does it have many calories?

You must be right about sugar, I have a friend who eats two big chocolates with an empty stomach when she is constipated and in a couple of hours she runs to the bathroom! And she says that all the chocolate goes straight to the loo so she won't gain any weight from it...
Due to an under active thyroid and slow metabolism, even though I eat plenty of fibre (eg porage, fruit and lots of vegetables) I usually have a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days. I can actually see my abdomen extending as the third day approaches. I also drink litres of water (at least 5 on a normal day, up to 8 on a hot day). Hence I don't plan to weigh myself very often because of the fluctuations!
Hi TML13,

I think you should ask what Paul Lavering would do!

Ballerina x
Having had the same trouble myself for about 2 weeks I simply ate more fruit and veg and drank more water, now it's settled down and I'm a bit more healthy !
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