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Psyllium husk help a lot and are normally cheapest online.

Otherwise: After you get up, the first thing to do is drink a large glass (or two) of warm(!!!) tap water. Than wait 2-5 minutes and listen to your bowl....
Propably a very fast, cheap an effective method :-)
Ballerina wrote: Hi TML13,

I think you should ask what Paul Lavering would do!

Ballerina x

Haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

You never tell a Scottish relative about your bowel not moving. It will go around the family in seconds and next thing you know they are calling you long distance to laugh with you!!!
BTW, I bought lactulose. We'll see...
Hi TML13,

Lactulose is brilliant stuff, I wouldn't be without it, I take a lot of painkillers for my joints, my back mainly which bung you up big time. Lactulose softens the stools o they are easier to pass. They work by drawing water into the bowel. Hope it works for you !
Toni x
Thanks so much, I hope so too!
Any idea if it's high in calories? Since you said something about being similar to glucose...
Just had a look and annoyingly it doesn't say! It probably has a few as its so sweet but against the weight you lose from 'going' I would say its worth it IMO! It's also very gentle, no terrible griping like senna etc. I will try and find out though. X
Thanks again! I did a bit of a search but found nothing.
Senna was bad but it did help me when others failed. Last week I was very bad, now I'm better and I hope that with lactulose I'll be A-OK.
For some reason, standing in bookshops (plus browsing the books...) often has a bowel loosening effect on me.

Also before starting 5:2 i was a daily person and used to feel bad / discomfort (especially if i was due to exercise) if I didn't go every morning. Now I also often don't go for sometimes 3 days at a time and it doesn't worry me or cause me any discomfort at all.
Do you take a book with you when you go to the loo? Might be a psychological link!!! ;-)
I'm not too worried, but my weight gain has been minimal in the third trimester. I have gained maybe 14 lb total to 37 weeks, about 5.5 lb since 20 weeks. In the last two weeks I haven't gained anything at all, much less the 2 lb/week "guide." I've read "plus size pregnancy" and 15 lb for someone who was overweight at the start of the pregnancy is fine, apparently. (I was 13 lb heavier at conception than I was with J.) I eat a lot of healthy stuff and walk a lot more than I have done in years -- at least a mile a day (which isn't much, TBH). I think I've leaned off during the course of the pregnancy IYSWIM (I must have, I suppose). However, for my weight gain to be static for the past two weeks when the baby's supposed to be gaining half a pound a week, that means either he hasn't, or I've lost a lb.
Hi @fenney, I am not sure why you have posted in this thread or on this forum, but if you have concerns about your pregnancy, do see your doctor or midwife. Best wishes.
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