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Re: Teeth and gums
05 Feb 2015, 12:32
Hi @Nicky_94, do you have a favourite brand of water pic and where do you buy them? I have never seen one in a store.
Have you heard that eating grains, white or wholemeal, can cause teeth to decay from the inside out? It is not just sugary foods and drinks that cause horrible damage. Do an online search for information on grains and tooth decay and then on how to heal teeth. There is lots of information about natural, healthy oral hygiene that our dentists don't always share with us. Plus if your child is Vit D3 deficient that can affect his/her teeth and bones. I know because a Vit D3 deficiency has left me with Osteo Arthritis and made a mess of my teeth.
Re: Teeth and gums
05 Feb 2015, 17:32
We have a waterpik nano, our dentist recommended it and I find it very good but I've never tried any others so I can't compare, I got it from Amazon but I have seen other brands in large supermarkets/chemists etc next to the electric toothbrushes.

My son should be OK for vit D3 because he takes a vit D supplement every three months but I will check with the dentist next time. Re grains and healing teeth, our 'problem' is that we are all vegetarian, and a lot of the advice I found last time involved cutting out grains, nuts and pulses, and drinking bone broth, which doesn't work for us. We have cut down on grains and use a lot of coconut oil, but diet wise that is about all we can do, which is why we started with the water pic.
Re: Teeth and gums
08 Feb 2015, 07:19
@Nicky_94, thanks for the water pic info, I appreciate that. I'm going to invest in one.

Do you use a toothpaste or tooth blend that does not have Glycerin in it? It is terrible stuff that clings to your teeth and stops the saliva remineralising our teeth.

All the best in you endeavours to heal your little boy's teeth.
Re: Teeth and gums
06 Mar 2015, 16:34
Well, my teeth and gums may still be in intensive care, but both my eyes are less short-sighted than they were 2 years ago. :cool:
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