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Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 11:04
Ok, not exactly a snappy title :grin:
And maybe a bit of a boring topic, but...

I visited the dentist last week and have never had such good feedback!
Clean teeth and healthy gums!
I've always visited the hygienist as well as the dentist, but this time, I didn't even need a scale or polish!
And my gums scored zero - the best, apparently!

So, for a 63 year old, I came away flashing the gnashers, proudly!

Following on from the whites of your eyes thread, has anybody noticed improved oral hygiene?

In contrast, we met friends at the weekend, neither of whom visits the dentist - and they're smokers :-o

How bad teeth do age a person...
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 11:16
Congrats on your healthy gums award! There is a link between bleeding gums and heart disease so there may be connection with the fasting.

I'm sure someone else did post about having had a good dentist visit a wee while back...
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 11:26
I would love to know from our nerdy team here why would our skin, eye whites and gums be benefitting from what it is we are doing with intermittent fasting
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 11:37
It might be coincidence, but I don't *think* I'm doing anything different.
Same toothbrush (well, not the same one - I do replace it! It's sonic!)
Same toothpaste, same floss (but I am not terribly good at remembering to floss daily!), same routine.

Just a marked improvement from 6 months ago.
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 12:30
I posted about getting zeros on a dental visit, got glowing feedback from my new dentist and the hygienist said I didn't really need to see her.

Even my eyes have improved!!
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 12:33
My eyes have improved at a recent test my vision was more acute
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 12:35
My eyes have improved at a recent test my vision was more acute
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 15:16
I notice the difference the morning after a fast, my tongue looks so much cleaner. Instead of the furred up yellowy horrid mess it is after a non fast day.
Now how many of you have just gone to a mirror and stuck your tongue out?

I brush my tongue with my tooth brush and toothpaste and give a very good swill afterwards.
Re: Teeth and gums
16 Jul 2013, 15:25
I'm going to the dentist for a check up in about an hour so will see what he says! Mind you, I've only been doing 5:2 for 4 weeks so not that long, but you never know :grin:
Re: Teeth and gums
04 Feb 2015, 11:03
Some 18 months on, I have had the same scores and need no treatment. Dentist's comments: whatever you're doing, you're doing it right!
I am sure @carorees can tell us if there's a link between excellent oral hygiene and a low carb diet.
Re: Teeth and gums
04 Feb 2015, 11:09
I wonder if it's partly down to an overall reduction in sugary snacks and sweets, chocolate etc? I know that I certainly eat far less of that type of food than I used to plus I eat better balanced meals and far more, and a wider range of, veggies than I ever used to. Just a thought! (Doesn't happen very often!) :smile:
Re: Teeth and gums
04 Feb 2015, 11:12
Great going @pennyforthem and others. Sadly it has not been my experience, I am fed up of going to the hygienist and getting told off, especially as I do all the flossing etc. My husband never flosses and has no gum problems at all. Really annoying as I do not eat sugars apart from berries.
Re: Teeth and gums
04 Feb 2015, 14:46
I have a friend who is a dentist, and told me that eating fewer times a day keeps teeth healthier, so if you eat exactly the same thing spread out over 4 meals or 2 meals technically the 2 meals leads to less bacteria and less potentiel decay. I wonder if that is what is at play here as two days a week there is only one meal rather than 3, plus probably healthier meals in general?

@Barbita unfortuntely we are not all equal, my 6 year old has 7 fillings and a crown despite extremely careful brushing and no sweets/sugar/fizzy drinks. I see kids at his school eating sweets and drinking coke for breakfast with perfect teeth, it's so unfair! We have had some success with a water pic - have you tried one?
Re: Teeth and gums
04 Feb 2015, 22:36
I hadn't thought about it but now you mention it............I think my teeth are possibly better - going for a check up at the end of March with a new dentist so will be interesting to see how it goes!
Re: Teeth and gums
05 Feb 2015, 12:03
As some have said, I think it is not the fasting that may result in healthier teeth and gums.
- reduction in snacking... my dentist says if you graze its death to your teeth
- reduction in consumption of sugary foods and sugary drinks.

just another reason to take on5:2, 4:3 or eating windows
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