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izzy are you referring to dominic - 'cos from what I can see he's completely disappeared now - and he'd reverted to childhood yesterday, but at the moment he's a blank white space ????? And Carorees, what's going on people - have I missed something !!!!!
I'm loving Moogie's new updated pic - looking good. Do we all need to update/re-vamp ourselves I'm wondering????
I'm still here Suchard!!!

Now what someone needs to do is to make an animated avatar of 3 pictures showing a 'before starting 5:2', 'during 5:2' and 'reached target' showing the new thinner you!
dominic, but I can't see you ???? Maybe it's my work computer - I'll check it out when I get home - but at the moment I can't see a pic for you at all :frown:
Suchard, do you see Pat (with those scary eyes)? Maybe your work computer won't display animated avatars...
I'm hoping that after quite a lot of effort going backwards and forwards between Dominic's helpful posts, various resizing sites and trying to find a picture that I could live with that I finally have an avatar. My very first! Need to go and lie down in a dark room after all that effort :)
Well done Loulou! Hope you had a nice lie down too...
There we go. That just about sums up my eating habits :lol: :lol:
I read the whole of this thread and thought I would never be able to do that, but I used Picasion and I think I have managed - if so it was really easy! :grin:
Dominic, thanks for your great post. Didn't understand any of it :lol: but followed it to the letter & it worked -yeah!
There's now a 'sticky' post on how to create your own avatar here, the instructions there are updated from the ones I posted on this topic.
thank you Dominic :like:
i am still searching for it but nothing.
@Moogiehas this moved
Walid Jane wrote: i am still searching for it but nothing.
Can i also put some picture of my profile picture from a screnshoot pictures from a game called stone age game and akinator the web genius hope someone can understand and help my problem :D
Roses are red Appa can fly :?:
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