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I am loving all the new avatars .. Making me smile .. :grin:
Yay - I did it! Used an online thingummyjig that resized it for me.
I'm using an ipad and still can't upload a picture :(
Have downsized a picture using Paint but cannot find how to upload that in 'Edit Avatar' - am I misunderstanding that it has to be uploaded to a url and cannot be uploaded from browsing files on my PC desktop?
Sorry to be a simpleton - don't like being beaten by technology but just cannot see how to make it work.
I'm having similar problems. Also, the smallest size I've gotten is 26k. :-(
I've just added mine :) i couldn't work out how to add any of my pictures, so took one of the ones from here.
Umleila I thought I would follow your lead and chose one from the gallery as well until I find out how to replace it. Now I notice it is already added to my earlier posting.
I've followed suit.
At last, thanks to the help on the "Hello from Paris" thread, I have managed to upload an avatar woo hoo!
now that is scary!
Janeg, do you mean mine? His eyes are supposed to move, but they don't seem to be - that was a bit scary! I'm hoping to put a picture of myself on one day, but I never have my picture taken - maybe when I have reached my target!
Gillb wrote: Not so many board members seem to use avatars on here? They don't need to be a pic of yourself if you're not that way inclined.

There's nothing wrong with a pic of yourself .... or like me have a portrait done :rotfl:
yes pat, I mean the cat's eyes. They are moving as though possessed by a demon...
Help! I can't find a way to add an avatar, I've found an image that I would like to use but every time I click on anything in the menu it takes me to the wrong place and I end up going round in circles. I'm feeling stupid today!
I would like to add one of my own photos as an avatar but have never done anything like this before. Is there an 'idiots guide' that would give me step by step instructions on the whole process? I have read lots of the posts, but not all, and it seems very complicated! Help please!
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