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How about a few more avatars?
21 Feb 2013, 23:00
Not so many board members seem to use avatars on here? They don't need to be a pic of yourself if you're not that way inclined. I do think they make it easier to remember who everyone is though. Maybe I work better with pictures?
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Hello Gill,

I want to set my avatar but even just using a webcam the resolution is too high :( I am the same - I prefer pictures too.
The settings are very tight, and all avatars I use normally won't "fit" this site.
Download an image editor program like - it is free and very easy to re-size photos to the dimensions required by the forum.
Cool thanks, but it the 24kb limit I seem to have an issue with and for the life of me I can't seem to get that to change!!!
I agree and it definitely doesn't have to be of you. I preferred to use an avatar that wasn't of me - I don't think I'm very photogenic!
Yeah - more avatars - it'll make the place even friendlier! :)
I have tried to upload an avatar 100x100 pix but it just wont do it for me, can anyone help?
oh it's ok I did it, must of been having a blonde moment !! ;)
boboff, you can use online file size reducers for photos, e.g
this should help you reach your 24kb.
Maybe the mods could add a sticky guide to getting an Avatar as I think many would do it if they could?
Oh I give up!

Thank you so much for the links, but the settings on this forum mean your avatar has to be exactly 100x100, no scaling aloud, 24kb is VERY SMALL, most forums 65kb, and 150x100 is the MAx, not an absolute size.

Gillb, I agree there should be more but the mods need to change to settings on this as its impossible to post a pic for a ludite like me!

Not keeping the Aspect Ratio makes me look even fatter!
If you use Irfanview as Franglaise recommended you can not only resize to the correct resolution but set the quality of the .jpg when you save (lower quality means smaller size). It's really not a very complicated program and it's free!
Sorry, but one of my pet peeves is jumbled looking avatars, where everyone's is a different shape and size. I like it nice and ordered, so there's a set size here. As for the filesize, in part it's to keep page loading times down (especially as a lot of people like to use their mobiles/tablets to browse when out and about, 3G can be quite expensive if you're not on a contract - well I know mine is!) and also to keep down the storage space needed on my server, since this is piggybacking on my main site's server. An image of 100x100 doesn't need to be more than 24kb if saved at a screen resolution of 72-96DPI and with a little JPG compression :)

I have always been happy to resize people's images for them if needed, but there are plenty of tools online and free software for resizing graphics.
Don't think it's possible using an iPad. The 'choose file' is greyed out. Anybody help?
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