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That is awesome! Congrats on toughing it out through a 7 week plateau as well. I don't think I could emotionally handle a 7 DAY plateau at this point. Way to persevere!
I'm so pleased for you, I thought of you yesterday when I had broken through my 3 week plateau and hoped you would go through it soon and you have, well done :victory:
Brillant, thats what I call motivation
Well done for sticking with it. :)
You really deserve that! I know how hard it is to keep plugging on and not give up. You've given me hope so maybe its my turn next! You can be proud of yourself. :smile:
Give yourself a big pat on the back!! Terrific, and more so for the perseverance. Your mindfulness surely played a big part in remaining so determined and focussed. Well done! :like: :like:
Wonderful news and will hearten the rest of slow loser/plateau people! ;-)
Yaaaaaaay well done! I am also on a plateau as have not lost any wait since may but whole heartedly agree that its fab to even just be maintaining at a lower weight. Hope your loss keeps up! :) x
Thanks everyone. I really couldn't have done it without all your support and information.

Just wanted to say that the reason I chose to do the Dukan Attack was because it is the opposite to how I normally eat. I'm not a meat and 2 veg person, I much prefer things like a bowl of stuffed pasta with a tomato based sauce and broccoli, so very carby. I did learn that by eating pure protein I don't need to eat so much before I'm full and stay full. My mission now is to reduce the amount of white carbs in favour of more veg.

Dhana, I think the mindfulness has helped - I am more focused and driven now.

Now I've got to focus on keeping off what I've lost and loose some more.
Congratulations :star: :star: :star:
I can feel your excitement. you are buzzing :grin: Here I am, holding hands with you, jumping up and down and shouting 'wey heyyyyyyyyyy'!!!!!! :victory:

Just thought that you might like to know that I'm in the kitchen baking a white seedy loaf. Oooohhh those naughty yummy carbs :lol: be lovely with a bit of bacon in the morning :smile:
Wendy I'll be around about 10 and can I have brown sauce on mine hahaha :lol:
well done Wildmissus you deserve the success, I am sure you will get to your goal and then maintain it. The prize is well worth all the hard work. :grin:
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