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Look left, at my progress chart. 7 weeks with no weight loss. Today 5lb off!

Major milestone - weight = 11st 11lb. The first time in 12 years that I've been 11st something. And, look at my BMI it couldn't be any closer to a healthy BMI. And, double figures weight lose in kg. Another 2lbs to go to get to the 2st mark.

:victory: :victory: :victory:

Initially when my weight stayed the same I was disheartened but then I realised that I had already lost a stone and a half and I was maintaining that loss, something I wouldn't have done on any other diet.

I believe my body was hitting the reset button. So to get things moving again I did the Dukan Attack as per TML's thread. That means in the last week on Fri, Sat, Sun I ate pure protein, fasted Mon, ate normally Tues, Wed and fasted yesterday. The Dukan attack wasn't difficult as I was so determined but wasn't the nicest way to eat (especially as I'm a carb girl) and it's not something I would continue with as I believe in balanced meals for health but it certainly did the job. In the future if I get stuck I would try 4:3 or 16:8 with 5:2 but if I ended up in such a long plateau I would do the Dukan Attack again.

So to anyone who isn't losing weight, and I think my 7 week plateau is one of the longest, don't give up, shake it up. After all what's the alternative? Give up and put back on all the weight? No way :shock: .
that's awesome news, wildmissus! Congrats!
Well done, wildmissus, especially for sticking with it over the long plateau! Your reward for such determination is a spectacular weight loss and a gold star! :star:

No! I am so impressed it will have to be lots of gold stars! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
congrats great to hear you've had a break thru just goes to show what can happen if you stick with it. :victory: :like: :smile:
That's wonderful news Wildmissus, you must be so pleased! :like:
Thats really great and encouraging news. Have been on a similiar plateau and am hoping I have broken thru, will keep you posted
Wow, extremely commendable sticking with it after a 7 week plateau !

I am very very impressed with your perseverance :) Not sure I could of done that, I'd of been pushing some extra hours on the bike and sulking.........
Wow! Well done! What willpower you must have! Seven week plateau must be very disheartening. I was struggling with a 4 week one! This should help everyone on a long plateau to keep motivated!
great news wildmissus, well done you
you must feel over the moon

am hoping my body is also in reset mode as i have a similar plateau and loss etc to you

enjoy your weekend

Well done wildmissus, that's great. I can beat your plateau though - mine went on for about 9 weeks! I can sort of account for it though ie. Easter weekend, birthday weekend and two bank holidays spanning from end of March to end of May. Since start of June it's slowly starting to drop again so I will press on. Maybe I'll look at Dukan, although I tend towards low carb anyway (as I love them too much!).
Well done and setting a wonderful example of how with perseverance our goals can be reached.
Great results
I'm soooo pleased for you! Especially after all your hard work with the liquid fasting. To keep going with a plateau of that nulber of weeks is quite something, so chapeau to you! Good luck in reaching your target.
Well done I am so pleased for you. You are sooooo close to having a super healthy BMI. Fabulous!!!
Woo Hoo! :dance:
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