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Kathi Schaper Allen wrote: Is the Aldi Fitness Tracker water proof or water resistant? Can I wear it swimming/in the shower?

Hi Kathi - welcome to the forums! I don't know the answer about the Aldi one, but I would doubt it. I know that the water resistant Fitbits should NOT be worn swimming. They can be worn in the shower but you really are supposed to take off the band and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on, so my husband just takes his off when he showers. Hope this helps.

Please feel free to post in the "introduce yourself" forum :-)
I posted this to Rawkaren on the Fitbit thread....................

"I have purloined a Mi Band because I am too tight to pay for a fully funded and extortionate Fit Bit but you know what, for the extravagant outlay of £14.95 with free delivery from Amazon, I have a little gizmo that I am now in love with. It tells me all sorts of things which I have no normal desire to know, it wakes we up when I just want a lie in, it tells me that my legs are working in a normal human fashion and it tells me that some corporate banking/insurance loser is calling me on my mobile phone. How good is that? Actually, I think it is quite swell, I am now up early, walking like a zombie when I would normally be slumbering and as a result of tiredness I can be rude to the aforementioned banking/insurance loser without a shred of guilt, what a win win situation. "..................................

I am now over a week into using my new best friend and am delighted with it. For the price it does more than I want or need, daily/weekly/monthly/annual stats with distances walked, calories and gms of fat burned. It can be worn in the shower and you can swim whilst wearing it. Not aware yet if it has a heart monitoring facility but not something I was looking for anyway. Sleep function is interesting and overall I really cannot fault it. It gets good reviews on Amazon so this is one satisfied customer.

Hope this is of interest to anyone considering an activity tracker of any description

Ballerina x :heart:
:heart: Love this tracker! Husband has FitBit Charge HR which I set up and demo-ed for him. I am well versed on both trackers. I can say, without reservation, the Crane is a better tracker in some regards. As far as tracking mikes, they are pretty equal. I don't know how it tracks the sleep but it is very reflective of my sleep patterns. Much more so than the Fitbit. The FitBit HR, of course tracks heart rate and this one does not. If you need that function this tracker is not for you. Dollar for dollar, you can't beat the Comet.
:heart: Yup they do have it in the states. Love it! My review will be posted shortly!

Tracieknits wrote: Oooh, thanks for that review. I wonder if they sell them in the US.

I also wonder how well it would work on a belt clip. My husband's fitbit claims it was specifically engineered to track steps only when worn on the wrist. I wonder if that's a marketing ploy or if they really can be work either place.

I do feel that my fitbit One (waist or bra clip-on, not made to be worn on a wrist) tracks more steps than my husband's does. We'll go for a walk together and I'll log maybe 400 more steps in a mile than he does. Some of this will be my shorter height, but I'm only about 3 to 4 inches shorter than he is.
I am from Canada and was in the States over the holidays. Went to Aldi's religiously when living in Europe many years ago. Now, I only go whenever I am in the States.

Saw the Activity Tracker and, for the price (low $30's), decided to buy it. Seems to do what it does reasonably well. My fitness instructor wears a Fitbit and often tells us how many equivalent steps a class will be. The Aldi tracker matches it well. I find the band comfortable and I wear it on my right wrist in addition to a wrist watch on my left wrist.

My only misgivings is that, as an Apple user, there is no tie-in with Apple HealthKit. But neither does the Fitbit either. However in the case of Fitbit, there are developers willing to make apps so that the two can sync. With Aldi, the market share is so small, I guess it will likely never get done.

I highly recommend the Activity Tracker for anyone interested in logging their daily activity and, especially at the price point offered, is an impulse buy. I would like heart rate tracking as well but reading the reviews on the Fitbit Charge HR I suspect that it is neither accurate nor is the device comfortable.
Welcome? This is very strange that we have two new members in two days who don't have anything to say about 5:2 or ADF, but have glowing reviews of a product and have necro'ed a thread and joined a forum to post them. @Moogie am I being suspicious for no reason?
To Tracieknits.
For $30 US dollars it is hardly in Aldi's interest to pay people to put positive product reviews. In fact, how does a person even get their hands on the product to begin with? At the NY Aldi store they had just two on display. Not like they are going like hot cakes...

I can understand doubt if the review is for a new product or the review is over-the-top positive. But neither is the case. I provide a balanced review and am positive primarily due to its price point.

When I was at Aldi's I searched the net looking for reviews wondering if I should buy one or not. My only hope is that my post can similarly help other people make their own informed purchase decision.
(By the way, despite my identity, I am male and also uninterested in 5:2 or whatever weight loss technique.)
Well thank you for actually coming back. There is a very vibrant industry for fake reviews and spamming forums, and we see a lot of it - it really doesn't cost much, as generally the spammers or reviewers are from places where labor cost is very cheap. I will say their command of the English language isn't usually as good as yours, but they generally necro threads to leave a positive review.
Looks like this has now been resolved, thanks Tracie :)
I took a look at our stats and this topic seems to be coming up quite a lot for people searching Google, so I guess a lot of folk in the new year rush have seen the Aldi activity tracker and trying to find out about it - we must be the hottest source of info for it!
I have wanted to know if it is water proof as well. I can't find it in the instruction manual or online...
Hi and welcome. I'm sure it's not waterproof. If it counts stairs/hills it is definitely not waterproof as it needs an altimeter to do that. The Fitbits aren't waterproof, although they say the flex is water resistant (limited splashing is ok).
Did anyone ever figure out how to change the time? I can not seem to figure it out and with daylight savings now, it's wrong.
I bought the fit bit charge 2 instead i mean its the same as aldi activity tracker but this has better
way to monitor calories , monitor steps and etc also you can wear this when your swimming since its water proof
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