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Hoping to get a new-in-box Flex from craigslist tonight. I'll be walking to the meetup (1.4 miles from home). I just have to get some motivation to get moving - why isn't improved health and well-being motivation enough :?: Sedentary is not a good way to live. My hands and feet are freezing.
The Fitbit One got a Best Buy/Great Value commendation from Which? Phenomenal step counting and activity tracking, apparently. Still don't want one until they invent a stand-alone that doesn't need a smartphone.
barbarita wrote: The Fitbit One got a Best Buy/Great Value commendation from Which? Phenomenal step counting and activity tracking, apparently. Still don't want one until they invent a stand-alone that doesn't need a smartphone.

@barbarita You don't need a smartphone or computer for the Fitbit One. I love it. I got mine on Amazon for about $80. There's a small screen and it tells you your steps, stairs climbed, miles walked, etc. It comes with a USB charger and a tiny bluetooth sync if you want to be able to sync it to your computer. :-)
Hi @barbarita,
I spotted your post an wondered what you meant by stand-alone. I'm now on my 3rd generation of fitbits having had a Zip, a One and now a Charge HR. They all display information on their LED displays and they can be synched to both PC's and Smartphones, but don't have to be.
I'm not sure what you are looking for in a tracker, but would be happy to chat about my 2 years as a fitbit user, if I can be of any help.
*Edit* and what Tracieknits just said :smile:
Thanks both. I am assuming that Stairs Climbed is done through an altimeter, and can be translated to feet? Curious, does it have a "trip counter" as well as totalling through 24 hours, so you can start and stop a walk or run?
For the trip counter, you need the smartphone.

The stairs climbed is is full-flights only, unfortunately. So you can estimate that each flight is about 8 feet or so of elevation.

It resets itself at midnight each night. Since mine is synced to my smartphone and my computer, I'm not sure what the default time zone setting is.
Here is the link to the One information page, which might answer some questions. I think it has a stopwatch feature ( though I have never used it) which you could use to mark the start and end of a run or walk, But the PC/Mac web dashboard would show those details.
I guess you could use it as a stopwatch, but it's technically a sleep tracking feature and would log on the computer as absurdly active sleep :-)
@Tracieknits I found this on the Fitbit website
Use the timer on your Fitbit One to track a specific activity in greater detail. For example, if you put your tracker in exercise mode and go for a walk or run, when you sync your tracker after your exercise you’ll see a new entry on your activity log. The entry provides a summary of the activity's stats as well as a minute-by-minute graph.
To track an exercise:
Hold down the button until you see the timer start. While your tracker is recording an activity, its icons will blink continuously and you will see a stopwatch for the duration of the activity.
When you're done with your workout, hold down the button until you see the timer stop.
Sync your tracker.
Log into your dashboard and go to Log > Activities to see the activity. Note that you can't view activity details from the One in the Fitbit apps.
Oh wow - I wonder if they reprogrammed it since I got mine a few years ago, or if that's the new ones. Honestly, I haven't played with the feature since the first week I got it :-)

Thanks for letting us all know !!
To be honest, I got my One expecting it to do something it wasn't designed to do, so never really explored its features in more depth, I only found that info because @barbarita asked the question.
I love my Charge HR, it does everything I want it to do , without much intervention from me.:)
Yes, I'm glad they make so many different ones. I broke my left wrist years ago and can't stand having any sort of bracelet on my arm, so I'm glad I have one I can clip in a pocket or on my bra and forget about it :-)
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