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Working out in fasted state?
20 Aug 2015, 14:27
Had a great fast yesterday. It feels good, after a couple of weeks "re-entry" phase, to get back to that fasted state and know it feels like it's working. I woke up and did Week 4, day 3 of Couch-to-5k program (C25k) and felt really good. (Well aside from the oppressive humidity.) It took me awhile to explore working out or long walks in fasted state. Initially my approach was to stay as still as possible and try to go to sleep early to get it over with, but I've come to enjoy easy to moderate exercise.
Anyone else have good/bad experience with this?
Not only a gentle workout, I tend to go for tough enough workouts on my fast days; weights and cardio in the gym, I could put in a good 1.5 hour session, I feel great, I go home and eat my "bigger" meal to satiate me then immediately after the gym. I prefer the workouts on my fast days!
I prefer to do my hiking (longest so far 17 miles, with up) and my runs during my 19 hour fasts. Running kills my appetite for some hours, regular walking does not.
I think different people react differently. I don't do well at all working out while fasting - I save any more strenuous exercise for the day until after dinner. My husband, on the other hand, finds that running at lunchtime on fast day makes his appetite go away for a couple of hours - so he feels it's helpful.

I think different people react differently and that's okay - just find out what works for you :-)
We are all different but I think that once you've tried it and got the hang of it, it's easy.
At the moment I routinely exercise in the morning, and as I don't eat breakfast I usually exercise on empty. Two 10km runs this week on empty. I do take a couple of glucose tablets as they also stop me being thirsty.....odd I know but true. So since you've told your brain that you can do it, you've cracked it really.
Good luck.
Apparently, women should eat BEFORE exercising: ... eveal.html

I'm not buying it.
Trust me I'm a doctor showed an experiment where they got twins (boy and girl) to exercise pre and post eating and they proved that for girls some carbs before exercising aided more fat burning. For boys eating after exercise aided more fat burning. Great series and I tend to believe it. They also proved that protein drinks do get the protein into the muscles but to be honest it didn't show that it was essential.
I can easily run a HM distance on an empty stomach, but not a marathon.
I do 3 hours of dance every day and it suits me well. It really was the key for me, doing some workout that suits my personality and as I took dancing lessons for 15 years when I was young, it felt like home really. I even did 22 000 steps days in a rough the other weekend, was fasting during one of those days and it went great.
If you are looking for the way for workout period with the biggest result, you should consider about the chock-full protein. I recommend a generation of protein which comes from nature and it is really powerful. It is sardines, This guy is a kind of fish, and you can also absorb it by eating directly, or by supplement for protein :)
Sardines are a good take-along protein source. Just peel the top off the metal can and munch on them after a workout, but be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. What’s so special about sardines? Each small fish you pop into your mouth has 8 grams of protein and only 70 calories. Sardines are also loaded with healthy omega-3 fats that help to reduce inflammation. That’s a good thing if you’re worried about after-exercise soreness. Enjoy them with whole grain crackers and mustard or toss them on onto a salad or into your next batch of homemade spaghetti sauce. They’re a good break from canned tuna.
sardines can be easily found in high-quality extra-virgin olive oil. More important is their function in making leucine, an amino acid, more effective in its role as the catalyst for protein synthesis. Some research also suggests that omega-3 fats can actually help older people overcome agerelated deficits in anabolism, making omega-3s especially important for older lifters.
Pre-workout snacks should be eaten approximately 1 to1 .5 hours before training. Portion size is important and should be kept to around 4 ounces so that training doesn’t interfere with digestion. Make sure you are properly hydrated; dehydration will keep you from seeing results.
If you are strength training, your pre-workout meal should include caffeine, almonds or avocados, all of which trigger dopamine release. Dopamine is involved in motivation, drive, interest and muscle control and function – and these neurotransmitters can affect athletic performance.
Try wild caught salmon with a handful of almonds, Carpaccio made from grass-fed beef paired with avocado, or 2-3 sardines with a small portion of caviar.
If you want to increase your muscle mass, you should aim to increase your insulin levels before working out. The optimal pre-workout meal should include a serving of lean protein such as fish, turkey, or egg whites along with a complex carbohydrate that is either the same size as the protein
You can see more information in this post it provides more than function for workout.
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