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There are so many people doing 16:8 or some kind of 'eating window' with or without 5:2 (including me of course), I thought we needed a tent of our own!

First, many people say that you can't lose weight on 16:8 as the eating window is too long, yet I have been losing quite successfully (though I have to say that my eating window is often shorter than 8 hours). What do we think?
What do I think? Well, anyone who knows me on the forum will tell you that I LOVE 16/8, or like you Caroline I'm more a 19/5 girl myself. It works for me, I never count calories and I'm sure I often overeat ( my tdee is somewhere around 1400 calories )but it makes no difference. I know some people on the forum are quite disparaging about 16/8 but I really do believe that you can lose weight on it. If it works for you, then it works for you, we are all different. For anyone who's interested then the link to the 16/8 thread is included in my signature.

Ballerina x :heart:
I am a bit of a Ballerina girl myself (ahhhhhh Lionel Ritchie in the 80s.....) doing now 19:5 during the week since I am maintaining. I prefer doing a "big" one meal than the 8 hours window. It doesn't make me lose weight, and it's a good thing as I would disappear completely if that was the case, but that helps me keep a balance. I still keep 2 breakfast during the week but it's only because I love breakfast and couldn't see myself cutting it off completely
Can I ask a question that's probably been asked a lot before? If you do 16/8 do you do fasting days as well and just do 16/8 on your 'feed' days?
Some do, some don't! I half do by having a couple of low calorie days but not as low as 500 more like 900. Self-experimentation is our mantra here!
Well, currently this is my way of eating too. Though I did start typing in 4:3 too but I actually don't do that atm.

I'm sort of in a transition phase from weight loss as my main objective to reformatting my body composition, which is slightly different. It's a balancing act between managing scale weight and not losing muscle as I weight train heavily.

All in all, even though this is possibly a weight loss strategy, it's working out as a very satisfactorily as a holding pattern for me whilst I try to work out what's going on. So hard to tell when you are changing shape.
Please can I book a wee slot/space for a lump of February? i've been 4:3 ing for aaaagggesss and keep saying I'm going back to 5:2 but don't do it.
I'm currently 4:3ing and know that i'm overeating on up days. Can't quite get a grip on it.
I'm supposed to be HIITing as well and failing miserably.
So, slap about the head with a wet fish time :)
Non diving daughter is coming out for a holiday and will be running a half marathon (wonder where I got her from sometimes ;) )
Diving daughter is home too and I'm on holiday.
My plan is to 16:8 and try to fit in a couple of fasts a week , but I won't be too hard on myself if I don't manage.
And the 30 day shred will commence. I've done it before and figure with the discipline and encouragement (read bullying) of NDD iI can re-establish better habits.
Wet fish says it sounds like a plan....
:shock: ;)
See you on Wednesday after a Sunday and Tuesday fast.
Thanks @carorees for staring this tent. I've just posted about my plan to 16:8/18:6 for the month of February on @Sue.Q's topic 'I'm Off'. I've read some of @Ballerina's topic and have noticed before that you have lost weight on 16:8. I'll be watching to see how people get on.
I never felt like breakfast so gave it up and started doing 16:8 alongside 4:3. Then I realised I was really doing that's where I am now and it works for me. I have been steadily losing about 1lb a week. Over the Christmas period, when I stopped this for over a week it was VERY difficult to get back on track: so I am not stopping 'til I get to my target weight. Then I shall proceed with caution. I have been overweight (but never quite obese) nearly all my life and this is the first time I have been almost slim. I still have fat around my middle so I must carry on until it's gone for good! I can't say just how much this has altered everything for me. I think it's amazing! :heart:
Hmm, think I had better invest in a bigger tent! I'm planning a huuuuge fridge, with all manner of lovely good things to eat and drink, BUT it will be firmly locked for 16 hours a day! To keep you occupied while you wait for it to be unlocked are a variety of exercise equipment, a coffee bar (just black coffee though I'm afraid) and a library of all the books from the book club that we probably haven't got around to reading yet...
I will help in the exercise bit. Bring my rower out...
Please can we have some fizzy water and limes? The black coffee is gooooood - looking forward to Wednesday :)
OMG A coffee bar and no tea ? I am shocked....... :shock: :grin:
I'll bring some back tea if needed, the plain old English tea not the fruity thingy that taste like chemicals :wink:
I think I pretty much belong in here too :-)

Hubby and I are doing a variant where we have a proper fast on Mondays, then 16:8 for the rest of the workweek. One weekend day we splurge :-)
Thanks for setting this up and being so liberal in who can get in. Since I transferred my allegiance from Michael Mosley to Bert Herring I was beginning to think I would need to set up my own one-woman tent! Must dash now, my window is closing.
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