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Hi @clairemarieWell it's Monday and another fast day. We had a very enjoyable weekend with old friends. We ate in restaurants both nights and much wine was drunk but I have still managed a small loss this week so I am well pleased. The weather over the weekend was very good. Wall to wall sunshine. There was a bit of a chill east wind but that probably suited the dancers. I managed to cut my finger quite badly the first evening. It might have done better with some stitches although the cut is alongside the fingernail so in an awkward position. I bought some skin closures and I have a plaster on it. Luckily it's on my left hand. I didn't want to miss my aqua this morning so I strapped it well and wore a plastic glove. It got a bit soggy !
I've been out in the garden this afternoon. The bed we've dug for the wedding flowers looked a bit dead so I've given it a good rake and water and added some worms out of the compost bin. Should be ready next week. Because we have high pressure at the moment the nights are still quite chilly. There are so many weeds it is quite dispiriting but i'll get there in the end.
I've had my dinner - prawn curry and cauliflower rice. There was so much I've left a bit for later. It's treatment day for hubby tomorrow . Hopefully we will get through quickish and I might get the chance to go in the garden again.
Hello everyone - Goldilox here . I was an avid Forum member till the sudden death of my husband last year , when I lost 2 stones over a couple of months , really through grief and consequent loss of appetite .

I feel a bit of a fraud contacting you all again ( the last thing I need to do is lose more weight , and my daughters worry about me not eating ). Unnecessary , I assure them , as weight has stabilised now.

But I do miss the Forum ! Moogie's newsletters keep popping into my inbox , and this is the first time I've logged on for ages . Lovely to see all the familiar names (ok , pseudonyms !) .

It's early days yet , but life goes on and I'm feeling better and eating healthily ( well , I'm trying !)

Best wishes to you all - I've missed you .

Goldilox. xx
I often think of you @Goldilox x
So pleased youve visited today
Please call by whenever you feel like..youre always welcome and one of the family x
Dont forget there's a lot of non diet chat on here to join in with,even tho fasting no longer applies to you!
I' m just so sorry you no longer need to lose weight,for all the wrong reasons
Big hugs xx
Hello @goldilox - it's lovely to hear from you.

Am so sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your husband. What an awful shock for you and your family. Heartfelt condolences from me.

It's good to see you back. I'm sure everyone would say how welcome you are on here - because whether or not you are needing to lose weight, you have a wealth of experience of this WOE and I'm sure you can help others with advice. Also, as you know, there are plenty of other topics on the forum - it isn't all about food & fasting, so there's plenty of ways to get back into the swing of forum life.

Look forward to seeing you on here again! X

PS. I don't usually visit this particular thread, so I hope no one minds me hijacking it to say hello....
|Are you out there @clairemarie? Seems a while since we touched base. The treatment days have gone well this week - not nearly so much hanging around as last time. We had some blood test results yesterday which were very encouraging.
My aqua was cancelled today because no teacher. She didn't turn up last week either. I didn't fancy just going for a swim so I have been out in the garden again. There are so many weeds and the ground is rather hard as we haven't had much rain yet. I think there is some due at the weekend. As I weed I am discovering some herbaceous perennials that I had forgotten putting in . There are a few gaps but I need to be patient as not everything is up yet. I have plenty of spare plants from cuttings and divisions that I can use if necessary.
We've just eaten our dinner - venison burger with a large mixed veg sauce, konnyaku noodles for me and pasta for hubby. It was a very large plateful but I managed it!
We're not going away this weekend for a change but we do have an old school friend of my hubby's and his wife coming for dinner on Sunday on their way back to London where they live. Not sure what I am going to cook yet. I have to work Friday instead of yesterday so I will sort it out on Saturday.
I hope everything is OK with you
Well @Lil yes I have been very lax. I have gone down 1 lb in two weeks so not so bad. I have run into difficulty recently. I have been trying to eat my evening meal around 4p right after work so it doesn't just sit there at sleep time. This is when I am most hungry so it seemed like a good plan...BUT... I get the snacky horrors just before bedtime. I must pk up some good chocolate for a warm drink. I know you drink it quite a bit and in winter I do as well. Somehow though crackers and bread and butter passes thru my lips.... I pulled out summer clothes today and tried them on..oh my.. absolutely everything is swimming on me. This 5:2 can be very costly indeed! In new clothes! lol!
I am becoming concerned again with the family issue. Not sure what's going on but the life decisions are not great. Other member has decided to work on his Masters while in darn proud of him I am.
I have put in veg garden, cold weather crops, so far so good but I did need to buy a blanket for one freezing night and the plants seem to be happy. Perhaps this would work for your flowers.
I am looking to join a bowling league for the summer. I have only bowled a few times so I don't know whether any time would have me but it seems like a good idea socially and physically. Well that about sums it up for me. Oh, I am glad the treatments are a bit easier. This is very good news.
Good to see you here again@clairemarie I did wonder if family issues were distracting you again.Hopefully the good news from this side of the pond helps to cope with other difficulties. Still if you can continue to lose 1/2lb a week that seem fine at this stage of the game. I try and leave my evening meal til 6.30 or 7pm. That mid to late afternoon period can be a struggle though! I do like to have a warm drink at bedtime. It means I have to get up in the night but that's how it is with me these days. I had a turkey stir fry with konyaku noodles which came out pretty low in calories so I had enough for some strawberries and a low cal hot chocolate tonight.
I finally planted some of my annuals on Monday. I found some of them needed to be started in trays so they are in the potting shed. The weather has turned cooler but we are getting quite a lot of sun and still very little rain. The garden seems to be winning at the moment but I will tame it.
I can completely relate to your clothing issues. I put some trousers on for work the other day . They didn't look too bad from the front but the side view showed a lot of bagginess around my backside. And they were my new 'small' trousers I bought last winter!It is hard to imagine how big we were. Between us we have lost a small person!
The bowling sounds a good idea. I am sure there must be some groups who do it for fun and are not too competitive. Would that be outdoor bowling or indoor 10 pin bowling?
My daughter is coming home for a flying 3 day visit on Friday. I think Saturday is going to be bridesmaid dress shopping. She is getting back with her former boyfriend who is moving to Berlin. She wants to box up some kitchen stuff from when they shared a flat before for us to ship out to her as her current flatmate is moving out together with all her things.
I'm done for the day and the week now as it is bedtime here. You keep strong this evening!
Morning @clairemarie! Strictly speaking it's afternoon here. It's a public holiday here so no aquajog today. Hubby and i have been out for a walk in the woods to look at the bluebells so I have had some exercise. I've had a busy weekend. We've packed up 3 parcels for my daughter - a box of kitchen items and her Wii, her electric piano and a large poster of the world that she and her boyfriend had in their flat in London. I have arranged a courier to come and pick them up on Wednesday. My younger son was also home so while the bridesmaids were out choosing their dresses we took him out to look for something for the groomsmen to wear. Because the reception is going to be in a village hall he wants something fairly informal. Probably a blazer type jacket with black trousers, white shirt and a coloured tie. We had some success he just has to decide which one he wants. ( He is a very laid back type!) I also cooked a full roast dinner yesterday evening. Despite that and taking them out for a meal on Saturday I have managed a small loss this week so I am well pleased. My BMI has dipped into the 26s for the first time :grin:
My daughter flew back early this morning as she has to go to work today and my son has also left so back to just us 2. We have some nice weather so after this I will be going out into the garden. I have some turkey breast steaks for tonight. I am thinking of making some sort of stew including some pulses. But first the garden! :rose: :sweat:
Hello @Lil lovely warm day here. My poor puppy is loaded with deer type ticks and vet meds don't work. As I am surrounded with woods it is a tough battle. I found one sucking on my back! Do you have problems with Lyme disease there? Found an all natural cedar oil product that is working better than the vet med t.g. but puppy smells like my mothers cedar hope chest!
Turkey cabbage soup for dinner(: .
Sounds like you had a very busy weekend with all the goings on. How nice. I do think your son is wise to keep the wedding casual as the cost of these affairs can be outrageous. Better to save the money for a downpayment. Maybe there is another wedding in your future. Glad your daughter is happy.
Are you dealing with an excess skin issue? It is so unattractive with summer coming.
I see you too have entered the 26s @clairemarie Well done to us both! :victory: Sorry to hear about your puppy -I expect living where you do some form of prevention would be best if there is anything.
My excess skin is mainly on my belly which is never revealed in public and on my thighs which only see the light of day at the swimming baths or on the beach. I live swimming so that has to be. Still I don't have to look at them! On my way to bed now - work tomorrow!
Afternoon @Lil', prevention meds for dog are now resistant like antibiotics but the cedar oil is very effective.
What a shocker this week 1.5lbs! Don't think I did anything any differently, but I am looking at that loss like a proud mama! I am not too far from my goal now and yet I will still be overweight. I need to be 145 in order to be 'normal'. I have not been that weight in 25 years. I am guessing it will take year three of 5:2 to achieve 'normal' status.
How did you do this past week?
Hi @clairemarie Sorry not to have been in touch before. The garden is keeping me very busy at the moment. Well done you on that loss! Small gain for me this week so I am back up to BMI 27. No particular reason, just have to wait and see what next week brings. Any loss I do get these days is very gradual but my Libra trend weigh is generally going slowly down.
We has a chicken and lemon tagine tonight out of the 5-2 recipe book. I had mine with cauliflower rice and hubby had couscous. Just on my way to bed now with a decaf.
Will try and be more communicative on Wednesday!
Hi @clairemarie Late again! Still at least I'm here. It's been a nice day here so I've been out in the garden till it was time for aqua. Everything is growing like mad - including the weeds. Hubby had a bonfire this morning so at least there is space to dump the weeds again once I get them out. The wedding seedlings are coming along nicely. Soon it will be time to thin them out - I find that so difficult. I'm working on Friday this week as a swap for Tuesday next week which is a hospital day so this is my last day off till the weekend.Going to work seems so much harder in the good weather. I'm planning on giving up soon.
I'm doing an old favourite for dinner tonight - salmon and watercress sauce with veggies.
Hello@clairemarie More than 2 weeks since we touched base. I hope things are going OK with you. I had a nasty virus on my computer last week which sucked up about 4 days of my life. I think all is OK now. We also had a party for the Eurovision song contest the Saturday before last. Today is officially the first day of summer and it is cold here - we have the central heating on. I had some sewing jobs to do and I have a huge pile of ironing waiting so I am occupied but I would rather be outdoors. The garden is coming along nicely - and so are the weeds. Anyway warm weather is predicted for the end of the week.
My weight has been a bit erratic but the trend is downwards and I had a good loss today. I also measured my waist for the first time in ages and have lost another 1/2".
I bought my dress for the wedding last week. It is quite fitted but has lots of frills which hide a multitude of sins.
I cooked sweet and sour chicken tonight - a new recipe for me and it was very nice
I am going to go and watch a film on TV and get some of that ironing done!
@Lil yes I am alive. I have been up to my eyeballs in company this summer. I cannot tolerate the heat. My garden was wonderful and put a second sowong of green beans n swiss chard. Managed to freeze a multitude of tomato for winter use, but couldn't manage to grow one cucumber. Each plant succumbed to some sort of fungal mishap(:.Currantly have eggplant(aubergine) coming out my ears. Anyway it must be just about wedding time for you. I hhave managed to put on 6 pounds since our last contact. I am planning to get back on track as soon as son leaves. I have felt obligated to cook for him before he returns to England. Nothing like mama's cooking. PS tried gardening method called French intensive gardening this year and weeds were bare minimum as the poor things had no space to grow! Enjoy the wedding.
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