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Hi @clairemarie Good to see you around again. Sorry about delay in replying but we are just back from 2 weeks in Crete - lovely food and too much to drink! The wedding was on 8th august and went very well. We were lucky to have very good weather and everyone had fun. Since then we have had a round of parties and holidays and my tracker is also going a bit off course. 1st fast for over 2 weeks today but I've survived. I'm doing lemon chicken with cannelini beans tonight . Sounds like you have had a good time with your son. I hope the rest of you family is OK.
I've done a load of washing today so plenty of ironing awaits and and I have 25 episodes of Corrie to catch up on :shock: Downton Abbey also started again last Sunday so plenty to keep my mind off food!
Hello@Lil I am happy that you and hubby have been enjoying your travels. For sure, I am envious. Are still fasting? Unfortunately, I have not been fasting and am up to my old evil ways. My weight gain of 6 pounds is depressing but not all that bad considering. I want to get back on track and tried several times without success.
well at least I am thinking about it again and I consider that a good step. I have cut my hours at work back as it was taking a toll on by body...aches and pains of a ninety year old woman. I have also been exhausted. Family is doing fantastic so much better than I could have imagined. So I haven't decided whether to eliminate those gosh darn carbs first or fast x2.
@clairemarie Welcome back! It's the coming back that counts not the damage that has occurred in the interval. 6lbs on is pretty good if you have not been fasting all this time. I put on over 3 with just a few holidays and parties. I have been regularly fasting on Mondays and Wednesdays as usual since we came back. My Libra trend weight is very slowly going down but my weight on weigh in day is not so my tracker is showing a plateau. It's like turning and oil tanker round. Hopefully I will be able to lose a couple of those pounds before Christmas intervenes.
I think the first thing you need to do is update your tracker. I know it is really hard but how will you be able to measure your progress when you start losing again if you don't. I also think it would be good to get back on the fasting wagon - it should help to control the carbs.
Don't drive yourself too hard at work. I have almost completely given up now and am slowly finding things to fill my time. I got a ukelele for my birthday and I am not a natural. I have now learnt 7 notes but changing from one to another is problematic!! Still while I am practicing I cannot eat which is a bonus.
Once again it is very nice to see you back. lets help each other back on to the straight and narrow :victory:
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