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Hi everybody, I am in here for therapeutic reasons :lol: I just love reading about all your de-cluttering.

Seriously, may I ask you about your opinions? What amount of clothes do you think we actually need bearing in mind turn around for laundry and just plain variety?

I have occasionally googled about building a "minimalist" ie "least-amount-of-items-in-the-wardrobe" wardrobe :wink:

It involves deciding on the colours that we like/suit us best and then do considered or planned purchases of only things that go with each other and can be mixed and matched. It is actually not as easy as it sounds. But I will get there one day. My aim is to be able to get all my clothes (summer and winter) into two medium sized suitcases. :smile: I suppose that would exclude shoes. Again how many pairs of shoes doe you girls think are necessary?

I am not sure what I was in a previous life - a nomad? I really like the idea of being able to pack my belongings and be off into a new future without too much tying me down.
Hi @Ieramul i would LOVE to see a colour/style consultant and find out what suits me in clothes,makeup and hairstyles ...
Once armed with this knowledge, i wd agree with yr two suitcases being adequate theory.
perhaps seven well advised and well matched winter tops,trousers,skirts,jumpers..and ditto summer..wd ensure one for every day of the week/enough variety,plus a few comfy " leisure" ( but not slobby) outfits for chilling at home. ihope i wd be advised to wear vibrant fun things rather than quite sombre very smart stuff tho!
In reality, I rarely go clothes shopping..when I do buy its usually from Ebay or charity shops! However, and despite regular declutters, i somehow have quite a big collection of clothing in many different sizes!
As for shoes..i find it hard to find comfortable shoes,so if and when i found that elusive thing, i' d buy several pairs the same style,various colours,so i'd never have to search again! I always wear flattish shoes these days so i wdnt have the prob of needing various height heels!
My idea of heaven wd be to have the health and wealth to travel far and wide,so again,as you said, i like the thought of travelling light but not sure how to accomplish that!
I enjoy decluttering coz i like to pare things down in my home/ cupboards and wardrobe - love the idea of keeping things quite simple and can't relax in a mess. XX
@CandiceMarie Ditto

I had "my colours done" about 15 years ago and frankly we tend to buy the right colours anyhow. I think it is a case of looking at the clothes we love to wear the most. (I wear the same clothes all the time) and those are probably our colours.

Mid or pillar box red and most blues suit virtually everybody so does cream. It' s more the corals, rusts, lime greens and yellows and lilacs not everybody can pull off (certainly I can't), As we get older our complexion changes and our hair gets grey so as we get older our colours change. When I was young I always used to scoff at the "old-lady-aqua-blue and lavender" and have since had to accept that aqua blue and lavender does go well with white hair and a more translucent skin tone and dark colours don't suit so many older people near the face. What we wear away from the face (waist down) does not really matter. My wardrobe is slowly changing to lighter colours around the face and when I do wear a dark colour, I always balance it with a beautiful scarf. I love scarves. They allow you to have very plain clothes an still look fabulously colour and cheeful and nobody notices that you are wearing the same clothes all time. :wink:
Back here yet again!
I'm absolutely delighted DD began decluttering her bedroom and dressing room yesterday! It had become a dizzy mine field. 10 huge bin liners for the charity shop, so far. The whole home is being painted in the spring, a new kitchen finally installed and bedroom furniture DD is purchasing for her new zen environment - so there is the motivation. :grin: A welcome start to 2016.
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