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Madcat@madcatlady..i wish i found fasting as easy as i find decluttering! X
Oh my@madcatlady@CandiceMarie@Iermarul
I've not completed this years chuckkie out ......... :shock: yet! :wink:
Madcatlady wrote: Wish I could get some of you over and set you to work in my spare room!

Alas - I know I must tackle it myself!

What @Madcatlady said. :grin: :grin: :grin:
Once I helped a friend clear out her bedroom wardrobe which took a whole afternoon and I swore that I would never ever help anybody de-clutter. She was in floods of tears when I suggestted to give away the left over wool with which she had knitted a baby jumper for her now 18 year old son. I could not handl the emotions and felt like this hearltess Cruella De Ville.

On this related subject @madcatlady,@candicemarie and @coffeetime, I am supremely interested at Moogie's latest questionnaire/poll on what we fasters wish for Christmas. Since I don't want anything that clutters up the house and clothes are difficult to buy for someone else, I am thinking of luxury consumables that are not to calorific. For example I was given an espresso machine for my birthday, which I was a bit disappointed with because a) I didnt't want another machine cluttering up the work surface and b) because the pods are soooo expensive. The machine turned out to be quite small, the espresso tastes really nice AND most importantly, I now have a gift option for everybody who asks me what I want for Christmas. I really don't want anything just seeing everybody at Christmas.
Thatmade me laugh@Ieramul about the wool!
Coffee machine sounds quite swish!
There's a thread somewhere about forum names,was just wondering where yours comes from,as its so unusual! X
Hi @CandiceMarie, The first two letters of my first and second name and the first three letters of my surname joined together reads "lumarei". For some reason I chose to spell it backwards when registering here, which I regret a bit. I am not very imaginative. :lol:
Hey everyone - I've finally done some decluttering! Pulled all my junk out of my wardrobe and now have a pile for rubbish, pile for wash and charity shop and returned the things I will wear. Also sorted out the shoe cupboard and thrown some ugly shoes (including orthopaedic boots I kept after an op - what in earth was I saving them for?!) out, some for charity shop and put the rest back in pairs. Still more to do but a bit less :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
I need to join this tent and clear out some clothes
Congratulations, @madcatlady. It sounds like a very thorough de-cluttering! I must sort out coats in the cupboard under the stairs because otherwise there will be no room for my family's coats when they arrive next week!
Two big bags of too big coats and jumpers are now in the boot of my car awaiting a trip to the charity shop. A selection of defunct electrical equipment is in the hall awaiting a trip to the tip. Storage space is now available! Anyone would think we were expecting visitors!
I think there must be a system to de-cluttering. Sometimes when I try to get stuck into the task of sorting I feel overwhelmed, not always; depends on what I'm sorting. Do you who have been visiting this tent for a while, know of a systematic way to approach making a decision on unwanted items, out grown items and stuff that should have been tossed but hid somewhere? :grin: Seems to me it should be basic instinct to be able to sort some kind of routine out, but somehow it's not. Some things are hard to part with and I think that makes deciding difficult.
I have the same problem @chinchin, I keep sorting out the same stuff and I always end up putting it all back again, I can't part with the most stupid things. Even the pile I have ready for the charity shop gradually ends up back in the wardrobe.
:?: :confused: :frown: :?:
Yes, it is time to invite people for a January de-cluttering party. Putting Christmas decs away this eve. :grin:
Joining the declutter party @lizbean...taking down the deccies tonight and looking forward to a good declutter to oz along with my first fast of the year x
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