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Apologies to those who don't know this strap line but I'm sure a fair few of you will be shouting 'CHUCK OUT YOUR CHINTZ!!!!'

Following on from my wardrobe decluttering thread, @bobshouse and I thought that we fellow hoarders could come here, maybe on a fast day to declare an item that we are going to lose so that our homes and bodies become leaner together. Photos welcome. The funnier the better :lol:

I will start us off....... Today I fasted and I offloaded a huge box of my volunteering job paperwork to one of my colleagues :victory: :grin:
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lol,-Now, that's the way to unload!
Heh heh Wendy Darling - so you think there ought to be a Brownie Badge for Decluttering?? And will you do the admin - No! Thought not! :razz: :razz: :razz:

Simply, Great Idea! Will be on it as soon as I get out of the Hen House and back home :wink:
Hello, my name is Aly(bobshouse) and I fasted yesterday and threw out a quilt. It had been damaged by mice who lived in my house before me and stayed for a while after I moved in. I kept it ' just incase'. It has gone!
This is great thread.......I chucked hubs gardening trousers......AT LAST.....yippee.

Ballerina x :heart:
I threw out a lot of stuff when we moved so the only thing I chucked out lately has been my favourite black tshirt that was full of holes from over use. Oh and empty wine bottles :lol: :lol:
Full of holes no doubt... Does he know yet! :wink: :wink:
:victory: I am moving house soon so I have to get rid of a lot of stuff! Today we're off to the local auction house to get rid of quite a few items: rugs, pictures, a chandelier and anything else I can wrench out of hubby's grasp! :lol:
Bobshouse wrote: Full of holes no doubt... Does he know yet! :wink: :wink:

Yes, they had so many holes they could have passed for lace, he actually handed them over without a whimper........ :cry: :lol:

Ballerina x :heart:
Well done girls,specially that quilt,Bobz @Bobshouse
I am a great declutterer but a terror for holding onto old sheets as covers for when decorating..tho i rarely decorate :lol:
When OH finished the first Gite we ceremoniously threw out his work clothes and boots. He has a new lot for working on the second Gite! They will not last long!
I've chucked out some old pillows today.

Yesterday I committed the ultimate crime... I actually retrieved something from the charity shop bag :bugeyes: :confused: In my defence, I had put it in there with half my heart saying keep it. I'm pretty ruthless with my clothes so I don't feel bad really. If I haven't worn it by the end of this season it can go. It was too small last year but fits fine now so no excuse.
I am giving myself until Autumn, if I am not back in my size 10's they are going. I am happy being a 12 and it is more important to me to stabilize. If I can maintain where I am, great, if I can lose, even better. I am staying with 4:3 for now as it has controlled my binges and is teaching me better eating habits.
I know this might be a bit left of centre but I decluttered all the weeds which had accumulated in my garden in the past year. Had not found the energy to do any really major work in my veggie beds for more than 12 months.

DH said today he was amazed at all the work I had managed to do and how wonderful my patch of the garden now looks.

I really like the idea of decluttering the whole of my life while I keep shedding Very inspiring
That is the plan, like butterflies we will emerge beautiful with just as beautiful surroundings. All welcome in this tent!
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