Yes you can do this @raggy!

Well, how wonderful to hear about trousers getting looser! Surely that says a lot? No one goes around saying "I reckon she weighs around.....blah" do they? They say "she looks good in those trousers" or in my case "cor, they're straining a bit aren't they?". My point is, Raggy, that you really need to focus on how the clothes and you feel, rather than that cruel mistress, the scales.

Honestly, hardly any of us like them! It's very hard to feel motivated when you've done the best you can all week, watched others in the family scoffing.....and then not been rewarded by the bloomin' scales. The honest truth is, though, that there is no quick fix for being overweight. Fasting is the fix, but it won't happen overnight. You need to say to yourself that you are going to give it a good shot, so many months, maybe. But you need to commit yourself to it and make full use of everyone on here to keep you buoyed up whenever the going gets tough. Have you looked at other people's trackers? Up down up down......but check out the lilac trend line......its down all the way and can be so motivating to see. Not mine, you understand, because I was silly enough to stop fasting! Or, you could look at it up to the point that I stopped, then see what happened after...quite shocking!

My point is, nothing worth achieving ever comes easy - but this is as close as you can get to easy. Once you commit and get into the swing of it. And trust the process....because it works. What's not to like about a process that allows you a decent bit of a life most of the week, while offering steady weightloss? I am convinced this is a mind-thing. The battle is with yourself, because only you decide what food goes in your mouth, how often and when. Once you understand the power you have to change your body shape, you can start to make better choices...more of the time (not all of the time). Many of us have years of comfort eating to undo and that won't happen overnight. We are a work in progress.

How exciting that you are on your way! Well done you and keep in touch xx