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What are we going to do when this challenge finishes?! Ive enjoyed reporting in every Friday!! :cry:
Well done everyone!
Bean xx
Hear ! hear! [tag]nursebean[tag], where next for ON and ON?
#14 weighing in

CSW: 141 lbs (3-28-16)
Previous CGW: 138 lbs
Revised CGW: 137 lbs
4-1-16: 139.6 lbs
4-8-16: 138.6 lbs
4-15-16: 138 lbs
4-23-16: 139 lbs

I got sidetracked this past week. Didn't work out at all and took a road trip to St. Louis for a Blackhawks playoff game. Drank wayyyy too much beer and didn't care what I ate. I hope the damage is temporary. I still definitely feel bloated and my stomach shows it. Will work out extra hard this week and hopefully be down by next Friday. Enjoy your weekend, guys!
With three quarters of the challenge behind us, it seems most are holding their own. Want to push the envelope with some optional hill adjustments before the finish line?

Hill 1 – carbs 50-100g: Continue with these for just another week!

Hill 2 – Increase to 60, incrementing by 10 as needed. If you use something for balance, limit yourself to using only one finger.

Hill 3 – Increase to 60, by 10 as needed. Move the chair to the side, using it only for balance with one finger if needed. To verify the stop point going down extend your arm and the fingers of that hand towards your feet to just touch the floor. Not 'landing' on a chair improves balance by working all leg stabilizer muscles. Be careful.

We're almost there!!!!

#0 - DEXA result: 20% body fat! Hill 1: avg:100g. Hill 2, 3: done and done.

#1 @Cupcake - 14s 10 to 13s 13
Now, I believe, at 14s5.5(?)

#2 @barbarita - goal protein limit.
Doing well with a 78 mile shortcut! (Girls and their endurance when it comes to shopping.)

#3 @cblasz - currently cheering from the sidelines!

#4 @Pilchards - 13,200 steps for 6 of 7 days, 68.1kg to start (-2.1 kg goal)
Half way to goal! 7 of 7 on steps.

#5 @carieoates - -6 pound target
Grinding them down again this week. (3.5 total so far!)

#6 @Azureblue - defrosting -4kg (from 78kg)
Also holding a nice pace.

#7 @Katharina -7 pounds towards 126
Down 1 this week?

#8 @grannieannie - 1 pound a week, walk 5 days longer each time
Recovering from her tryst with the med tent guys. Welcome back.

#9 @WarriorPrincess -1 pound a week for the duration of the challenge

#10 @nursebean - also -1 pound a week
Enjoying the last part of this challenge. Down 1.5 this week!

#11 @MelbMandy -2kg (aiming for 65kg)

#12 @piper -1 pound a week
Holding her current position.

#13 @CandiceMarie - honorary attendee

#14 @SammyIAm -1 pound each week(141 to start, to 137), 10K steps 4xweek
Holding with -2 from the start!

#15 @Marni goal?? (from 76.6kg)

#16 @Matillian -1 pound a week (from 136)
Also holding her current position.

Please report weekly progress by Friday each week (Saturday for the down unders). finish line April 30th.
:confused: weight today 78kgs *sigh* :bugeyes:
Off out for a walk prior to grandchildren influx, while OH mows the lawn. I don't need to hear the inevitable grumbling :wilt: :teeth: :island:
:-D Early update for end-line. Today's weight 217.8 :grin:
I have averaged a pound a week, and I am very pleased with that. Until Easter, it was 1/2 that.
Exercise: I have not achieved my stated goal, but trying to do so forced a crisis that needed to be resolved. I now have an 'approved' exercise program in place. New goal for May is to follow that program.
:heart: Thanks everyone, and good luck finishing tomorrow. :clover:
77.9kgs today.
A whole 100g down on the start ...
I'm not much good at challenges am I :bugeyes: :confused: :oops:
Onward. Downward. Onward :0)
I've been quite a lazy girl. Kept to the low carb, but the protein tracking derails when I feel too tired, and I never got back into the calf raises. And when did the chair disappear? Without the chair the cutlery exercise becomes squats, and the only kind of squat I can do is a wall squat - some muscles are missing, or the relative length of leg bones is just not there to let me do regular ones. Oh well, try again later.
Member #4 checking in. Have lost 1.1 kg this challenge and achieved step goal on more than 6/7 (I have only missed 2 days in the whole challenge). I have lost 9kgs since mid Jan so am pretty happy that I am continuing on a downward trajectory. Would love a May challenge if someone wants to start one. My goal would be another kilo loss and keeping up my step challenge at least 6/7. Thanks @ADFnFuel for running this one. We have all enjoyed your words of wit and wisdom!
Although, I've been on steriods for the last few days , i am embarrassed that no one , including me, was willing to step up... @Pilchards... I volunteer.... Leon H, you better hide. Prue...
In with a bang. Out with a whimper. Much hard breathing from those at the finish.
Congrats to everyone who left it all out on the course.

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

"Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store." - Dr. Seuss
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