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I lost twenty pounds on this challenge
AB@azureblue i have failed so many challenges...only succeeded on this one and the Xmaschallenge of 2013.... So,some challenges you win,some you dont,its swings n roundabouts.

@margotsylvia i admire how you never give up! Thats more important than the odd kg not lost! X

Congrats to all,lose or gain,we all tried

Now ..when does the xmas challenge begin? Ho ho ho!
@juliana.Rivers will you be running it? Only if you want to of course! X if not,anyone else up for it? X
:like: :clover: :heart: :grin: Congratulations on your fantastic loss @CandiceMarie, that's tremendous!
I'm having a bash at 19:5 this week (and maybe longer), eating between 3-8pm and as ever, hoping for the best :0)
I can't believe this challenge is just about over! So last week I was at 152.6 lbs. As of this morning, I am at 150.2 lbs. I finally measured inches and I was down an inch in both hips and waist. I did 2 workouts yesterday. The 2nd one was free and I got to talking to one of the trainers. I guess she was anorexic long ago and was constantly weighing herself. This kind of scared me as I tend to do the same thing and focus too much on the scales. She helped me sort of put things in perspective and I have decided to only weigh myself once a week just to see how things are going. I'm a bit sad as these are the final days left of my gym membership. It is just too costly and they are cutting my hours at work so I really cannot afford it now. I'll just have to find other ways to workout. Good news is that I started food prepping again. And I found an apartment! So that stress is off my shoulders. Phew! I have also noticed that the hunger monster seems to have disappeared (for now). May he stay gone!
AB @azureblue my DD loves 19:5... She finds it very " doable" tho at first even the idea of 16:8 seemed impossible! Hope it works well for you xx
@sammyiam lots of good news in there! Specially the disappearance of the hunger monster!
Hope your move to yr new pad goes well xx
My final weigh in for August was 64.8kg.
A massive well done to everyone.
I've kept a record of my weight from time to time for years. I began the Summer Challenge at 11st 9.5 on 2nd June & today I'm 11st 2.5 so half a stone lost - truly wonderful. BUT the lowest weight I've recorded anytime since 2000 was 11st 3, in 2003 & 2004.

So my weight today is the lowest recorded THIS MILLENNIUM! :smile: :grin: :lol:

Next target is another 3 pounds down - over 1.5 stone lost & a number beginning with 10 on the scales - by 19th Oct, the anniversary of starting out on this journey when I joined last year's Xmas challenge. (Secretly, I doubt this is possible - but then I seriously doubted I could get to here). Thank you all for support, advice, and challenges that keep me on track. Let's have another one!
Very good news!!! I made the Super Summer Challenge goal again and with a good margin. No fasting for me tomorrow :grin: . I was so worried I would not lose anything. But my extreme strategy worked!!! This morning I weighed
52kg. :-D
What a relief! Tonight there is a birthday party and cake... but I am going to enjoy a piece.
From now on only maintenance Thursday fasts for me for months to come :grin: .
Thank you PennyForthem for starting this challenge. I tend to put on weight in August generally. Now I have not. Thanks to this challenge, this forum and all the support.
I do not know how to do the fancy bits at the bottom in different colour- But for your information, my SSCh goal was 52.3 kg and my 'goal weight' is 51.7 kg. I am 5"2 and small boned!
So a good summer all in all, and no bad side effects remain :lol:
Thanks @pennyforthem for setting this challenge xx
Well done @margotsylvia and enjoy that cake! X
We arrived .... @CandiceMarie congratulations on your amazing terrific twenty lbs loss, especially after all the time you have encouraged us all get back on our ponies and stick with it while you were in the stables - thank you so much, you so deserve your giddy up pony - how is she today? :like: :clover: :victory: :cool: @WarriorPrincess - July 11th seems so far away, I enjoyed your narrative to your summer time journey that followed tea and cocktails on 11 July, great millennium stat too! @SammyIam that must be a great relief to have found an apartment, pheww, perhaps that chased away the hungry monster and things will fall in place :wink: @Margotsylvia Hurrah, MMMI Magic Margo Made It and will have :cake: ! Well done to all who shook off some lbs, maintained a loss, or hung on by the skin of their teeth or not ... being here is better than being no where. Nice to see many of you are biting at the chump for the next challenge and up for tweaking it a bit to see if it fits @Azureblue ........... :wink:
Great challenge @PennyForthem thanks very much for leading it, "did someone say it's quiet in these parts .... well let's shake it up" :like:
PS did I miss your Sunday visit @StowgateResident?
Well done everyone, especially Candy on your 20 pounds loss!
I guess we'll all be thinking of the Christmas challenge next! Ha did I really say that?!! :shock:
Sorry everyone, I was away on Anglesey with limited connectivity and missed the end of the challenge.
Got home Saturday and been busy ever since.
Today, after 2 weeks of non-mindful eating, I'm 10st 1lb, so not too far off my challenge goal.
Well done to everyone taking part x
@pennyforthem , I have meaning to ask you (maybe I'm just being nosy :wink: ) what did you win a People's Choice Award for?
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