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Newbie Question Alert
12 Jun 2014, 11:17
How often should you weigh and measure your tum for tracker purposes?
I generally weigh myself daily anyway but just wondered how often to input data in tracker


Re: Newbie Question Alert
12 Jun 2014, 11:23
'Tis up to you @WooDan!
Not much help, I know.
My excise day (weights and measures) is monthly. I hate the scales but know that I need to have some record. I measure more often sometimes, but only record that monthly.
Some people weigh daily and use a trending programme like Libra and enter weekly.
For me, being such a slow loser, weekly weighing is disheartening and daily weighing obsessive...
there's no right and wrong - it's what will satisfy your curiosity!
Others may have a different idea though ;)
Re: Newbie Question Alert
12 Jun 2014, 11:25
Hi Dan

You can input as often as you like!

I prefer daily weighing and use an app (Libra) to get a moving average weight. We hope to implement this function on future versions of the progress tracker.

For more info on measuring your success, have a look at this article from the Fasting section of the main site.
Re: Newbie Question Alert
12 Jun 2014, 13:13
I weigh daily and write it in a notebook but I record my weight on the tracker once a week. I was measuring monthly but haven't done that for a while.
Re: Newbie Question Alert
12 Jun 2014, 20:35
I weigh and measure daily but enter onto the tracker weekly. I'm on hols at the moment and have bought my measure with me - just to keep me mindful, not sure it's working though :smile: .
Re: Newbie Question Alert
12 Jun 2014, 22:39
I weigh daily and enter it on the tracker only if I have lost weight-so not very often!
Re: Newbie Question Alert
13 Jun 2014, 00:59
When I was in the weight loss phase, I entered info in the tracker weekly, though at some point I started weighing daily. Measuring I only did weekly, and even that more or less stopped when I broke my arm last summer.

Now I'm maintaining (or not maintaining, more like), I tend to weigh every other day or so, just to keep an eye on things. I tend to forget to enter it into the tracker these days, usually because I'm annoyed that it's slipping up in spite of still fasting quite regularly (though to be fair to myself, most of the gains take place when I travel and take a break from fasting).
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