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Re: Forum wiki
31 May 2013, 18:15
Please could we possibly add a glossary of the various symbols at the start of topics, eg star, red triangle, exclamation marks, white with blue triangle, arrows and is a dot significant ? I haven't quite worked them out and think some would find them informative in browsing the forum. Many thanks, Katharina :heart:
Re: Forum wiki
06 Jun 2013, 01:56
:like: Hi Carorees, thank you so much for your list of abbreviations ! I'm new at all this and I couldn't for the life of me work out what TDEE WOE IMO were ! :confused:

Do you happen to know what a TOLF (or was that TOFL?) might be ? I came across it in another post yesterday.

So many thanks again & congrats too for the sustained weight loss - you must be feeling great !
Re: Forum wiki
06 Jun 2013, 06:43
Think it must have meant to be ROFL = roll on the floor laughing
Re: Forum wiki
04 Jul 2013, 20:42
What does CHO stand for? I have been reading it on several posts in the 'nerdy' section but I haven't a clue what it means. It probably is something obvious but several posts in this section go over my head! I enjoy reading the arguments /views held by some really clever people who write posts.
Re: Forum wiki
04 Jul 2013, 22:09
CHO = carbohydrate

carbohydrates are molecules composed of carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O)
Re: Forum wiki
05 Jul 2013, 06:20
Many Thanks Carorees
I was thinking it could be cholesterol but as people interchange CHO and carbs in the same message I thought CHO was something different!
WOE stumped me at first. This is helpful.
Ok, you asked!

1. It seems like a prawn is just your word for a shrimp. In my dictionary it's a "marine crustacean that resembles a large shrimp." Maybe you only have prawns there, not shrimp?

2. Everyone knows that the British eat porridge. But I've never known exactly what that is. Is it the same as our oatmeal? Or can you make it from various grains? I had McCann's steel cut oatmeal for breakfast today. The Irish sure send some great oats our way...

3. Perusing the recipes, I just learned that you call squash "marrow". Weird. Never heard that one. Over here, marrow is the stuff inside meat bones that some people eat.

4. And most important...pudding! We all know about pudding, of course, because we've all heard the Pink Floyd song (How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat!). I think a pudding is any dessert including cake. But I'm not sure. And if it is, do you eat what we would call pudding? Smooth chocolatty (or butterscotch or vanilla) goodness. What do you call that?

All good questions, I'm sure you'll agree! Thanks for clarifying.
Yes, I think our prawns are the equivalent of your shrimp. We also get tiger prawns...


... and king prawns....


(I'm sure there are others too but I can't think of them!)

Oats are flattened...


Whereas oatmeal over here is ground...


"Pudding" is used as an alternative word for dessert over here.... as in "MUM! What's for pudding???" but we do have some desserts that have the term as part of the name. For example rice pudding or bread and butter pudding. So it can be specific to a name or a generic term. We also sometimes call dessert/pudding "afters", just to throw another one at you!! :wink:

Squash is the generic term over here for things like marrows and pumpkins but the only time you really hear it is when we use the term "butternut squash". The other type of marrow you mention, we always refer to as "bone marrow".

Hope that helps.... :oops:
And vegetable marrow refers to oversized zucchini not to any other kind of squash. But squash can also mean a kool-aid type drink (i.e. with minimal actual fruit juice in it!)
I am new here and have read people's thread and this keep coming up.....16:8? What does it refer to? :?:
@Alir - it refers to an 8 hour window for eating, and then fasting for 16 hours. I do this and I eat between 12.00 mid-day and 8.00pm and nothing outside of those hours. This can, of course, be switched to what suits you and the occasions. If I'm going out for the evening then I'll move my 8 hour eating window to, say, 2pm - 10pm (but that's a bit late really for me!). Hope that helps

@Carorees could we have an abbreviation please for liquid only fasting - LOF?
Thank you, I couldn't understand WOL or WOE- it all makes sense now.

And your other messages demonstrate how positive this approach can be.
someone pm`d me and said I`d been `tagged` on this forum. Is that a good thing or a bad thing and what does it mean. Starting to get paranoid, but only a bit. Don`t feel i`ve done anything wrong, but might have broken some rule I never knew about?
No, No! It just means that the writer of a post wants to draw your attention to the post. Most likely they are replying to a question you've posed! Just follow the link in the PM to the post where you've been tagged. 99.999% chance that it's something nice!
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